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Welcome to Elfenworks Productions, LLC

We are a multimedia production company specializing in awareness-raising projects, both in-house and at the service of visionary nonprofits. Our creative, professional team offers a variety of services in music, film, video, and animation. How can we help you tell your story?

We believe you can do well while doing good. At their best, the arts feed the soul. They uplift, empower, and inspire, or shine a light on a need or a cause.

Music Division
Music is one of the most memorable ways of conveying a story. Whether for a catchy jingle or the scoring of a film, our composers, vocalists, musicians, voice-over artists, and audio engineers craft just the right music or soundscape to capture the imagination.

Film Division
Motion picture production is storytelling in another form. Our 3-D feature on Celtic Spirituality in Ireland, and our documentary short on green construction are only two examples of our growing body of work.