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Welcome to Elfenworks Productions, LLC, "Beyond Film & Music"

We are a multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision. Whether soothing and nourishing the senses, exploring important untold stories, fostering learning, or helping redefine the landscape of possibilities, the common element is to inspire and uplift, "bringing light to what is right." Believing it is possible to do well while doing good, this creative, professional team of storytellers brings their expertise, integrity, intelligence and insight to bear on every effort, be it a film, a song, an app, an animation, or whatever’s next.

Our Philosophy

We believe you can do well while doing good. At their best, the arts feed the soul. They uplift, empower, and inspire, or shine a light on a need or a cause. Read more...

Music Division

Whether for a catchy jingle or the scoring of a film, our composers, vocalists, musicians, voice-over artists, and audio engineers craft just the right music or soundscape to capture the imagination.


Film Division

Motion picture production is storytelling in another form. Our 3-D feature on Celtic Spirituality in Ireland, and our documentary short on green construction are only two examples of our growing body of work.


Book Division

Elfenworks Productions Press is a small, independent publisher of books with worldwide reach and purpose. Our publishing focus is aligned with our philosophy: books that empower, heal, or create positive value.


Other Endeavors

Our other endeavors range from public service announcements to educational projects to NHM Ministrants, all with our single-minded objective: bringing light to what is right.