About Us

Welcome to Elfenworks Productions, LLC. Offering ‘e i cubed ‘ or EI3 — expertise, integrity, intelligence, and insight.sm

Elfenworks in a Nutshell

Elfenworks Productions, LLC, “Beyond Film & Music,” is a multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision. Our projects – whether internally originated or in partnership with others – range from soothing & nourishing the senses to capturing & celebrating the moment to imagining the possible. Our creative, professional team of storytellers and technologists put their creative spark at the service of the greater good, “bringing light to what is right.”sm   Online at www.elfenworksproductions.com.

Tell Me More

We are a full service multimedia production company, with an in-house team of musicians, filmmakers, writers, and webdesigners. When we say we specialize in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision, we mean films that help promote something positive, such as environmentalism, as with our film What Green Can Be, or spirituality, as with our film Ireland, The Celtic Way and other offerings.  They may educate, as with our various podcasts, PSAs and online lessons, or, they may have a soothing intent, as with our Rejuve and Rejuve II CDs.  Search our site, and you’ll see how, regardless of the focus, the flavor of the intent will be the same: we put the power of our efforts at communication at the service of the greater good.

We’re especially excited at any prospect that has the potential to empower others at making lasting, measurable and positive change in their lives or in the world around them. For this reason, we enjoy partnership efforts with:

  • Educators & Students
  • Industry Professionals
  • Nonprofits with Vision
  • Socially Responsible Business Leaders

Our work spans the gamut: we have a proven track record with a full range of multimedia services, including copywriting, training, musical composition, recordings, voiceovers, film, video, and  so on. We have been known to write melodies that stick in your ear and won’t let go, and we have a history with projects involving translation into multiple languages. We have worked in both traditional and electronic distribution channels, and are constantly surveying the changes in the field.  So perhaps the better question is: what sort of help are you looking for? you might just find it, in one of our products.

Books / Training

We love to write!  …We bring our storytelling skills to our books and ebook publications.  The first in-house book publication effort was Tracks of Hope, focusing on American poverty and inequality in 2007, the year before the crash.  Currently, we’re focusing on social entrepreneurship, with the award-winning  Intelligence & Compassion in Action, a book with a methodology inspired by the wisdom of former president James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, and now available in Russian and Portuguese, with Chinese and Korean to follow.


We live and breathe music! …and because our musical offerings can help soothe, local cancer groups and second-hand smoke researchers have found them excellent offerings.  We’ve also produced small jingles (songs with a tag line)  for nonprofits. These nonprofits understand that music is one of the most memorable ways your organization can convey your unique story.  Need a jingle? At Elfenworks, we have the in-house talent to create and deliver a message that will really stick in people’s heads and help promote positive awareness.  Please click here for more about this area.


A Moving Picture is Priceless! We look at our work with motion picture production as another effective means of telling stories, whether our stories are internally driven, such as our award-winning 3-D feature Ireland, The Celtic Way, on Celtic Spirituality in Ireland, or at the service of others.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how priceless is a talking picture?

For the right project (that is, one that interests us), we have provided everything from short movie clips for website enhancement to full blown multi-camera productions suitable for broadcast, and everything in between. We have offered a complete selection of deliverables including web, videotape, CD-ROM, and full featured DVD authoring for HD, Blu-Ray and even 3-D.  Contact us, to inquire about our current offerings and availability.


Building the Site – We take pride in building effective award-winning websites personally tailored to suit our clients’ needs, tastes and abilities. Our websites take advantage of the latest browser features while maintaining cross-platform compatibility. They include the latest spam-avoidance, robustness against malware, and SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. We help the client work with, and understand,  website metrics to understand trends with visitor traffic, and how to best respond. Finally, we work with select clients on social media aspects, as well.

Community / Training

The  ‘community’ work of Elfenworks Productions is to bring our management expertise to our client partners, both in an Elfenworks classroom setting, and in one-on-one consultation, on site. Historically, this has primarily involved training clients in the use of technology and best practices for developing, securing and maintaining web resources.

We develop web-based training! …because those who can, teach! We are currently developing an online class and a podcast series on behalf of The Center for Nonharming Ministries. The class includes over five hours of original video presentations, and a textbook, and was created in association with two schools of religious study.

Still Supporting Musicians…

When elfenworks productions, LLC opened our doors, we first worked exclusively within the music industry. As musician-technologists we understand the unique requirements musicians have for their websites, including media clips, downloadable music, and online sales. Our musician clients appreciate that our team comprises lifetime musicians who pride themselves on their work and understand the music business.

Looking for The Elfenworks Foundation? We are in the office, right next door to TEF, but Elfenworks Productions LLC – the website you are currently viewing- is a for-profit entity. If you are looking for the Foundation, you can find them online at www.elfenworks.org.