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Meet the Team

Clockwise from top: Ryan Paul & Tony Tam envision the ribbon cutting; Connie Kwong & Devon Filo tackle accounting;  Our team at our Pastor Fish App launch celebration; Tim Schaller & Mike Dalling capture the moment; Janice Rivera edits away; Kenneth Tam, Kelly Shaw, and Lauren in Tiruchirappalli; A “team tea” meeting including Nicole Wogberg among others; Marian Sprague in the sound booth; the team at a film screening, with our friend Br. Ron Gallagher FSC PhD; John Watkins and Alan Kane on sound, and Don Kane, CISSP, playing bass for a fundraiser.  

Try a mouseover and  ~click for bio~ where available. If you have difficulty with the mouseover, try the long way by searching entries (click here).  Missing someone, such as the late, great Christopher Speeth? You could check our “once an elf” page where we highlight a few of our past team members we love and miss.