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Exploring Hope (Forthcoming Film)
We live in such extreme times, it’s tempting to feel hopeless. Yet over the past dozen or so years working as social entrepreneurs on projects that build hope, we’ve come to see things from a new point of view…a point of view centered around the value of hope. We invite you to join us as we explore hope: what it is and how to find it. 

Become a miner for hope as you explore all its many facets.
Be empowered and replenished with this soul-nourishing film.
Coming soon from our elfenworkshop!


In a world where the pundits of pessimism assault your ears daily, we all need a little time away from the stormy weather to explore hope for a better tomorrow.

About the Film

In a way, this film is ten years in the making,  as it includes hope-filled stories from the ten-year history of The Elfenworks Foundation, including the thirty In Harmony with Hope Awardees, all fostering a more hope-filled tomorrow, each in their own way.   But it’s not all talking heads. Far from it! Exploring Hope is a cinematically rich smorgasbord.   Join filmmaker Lauren Speeth and her team of miners for hope, as they delve deeply into the darkest cave, for what they might find there. 

  • Thirty visions for a more hope-filled future.
  • Haiku for Hope…  an artivist adventure.
  • Hope taking flight…  delving the depths and soaring to new heights. 
  • Hope in history…  how have we seen hope, and where do we find it?
  • Insights and perspectives from the “Person on the street.”  
  •                                                 …and so much more!


Film Team

Written, produced and directed by Lauren Speeth. Editing, and CGI graphics by Janice Rivera. Other credit details (including cinematography details and music credits) coming soon.  Illustrations by Mike Dalling. Photographs: Lauren Speeth, Janice Rivera. For full credits, see film ending.  Copyright © Elfenworks Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Grateful Thanks To:

  • State of Hawaii 
  • Film Festival Reviewers Considering Our Film 
  • Our Audiences and Friends


Until  Soon…