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Exploring Hope for Better Times (Forthcoming Film)

Become a miner for hope as you explore hope’s many facets.
Be empowered and replenished with this soul-nourishing full-length documentary

Coming to Film Festivals in Spring 2018 from Elfenworks Productions, LLC
Feature-Length Documentary on HOPE by award-winning Director Lauren Speeth

Become a miner for hope as you explore its many facets, asking, “What is HOPE? What does it look like, and where do we find it?” “Exploring Hope for Better Times” investigates this vital force from Plato to NASA and beyond, highlighting a decade of projects by The Elfenworks Foundation, student filmmakers and tomorrow’s leaders, and introduces social entrepreneurs with over 30 visionary ways forward. Feast your ears on inspiring performances from upcoming artists, while gathering gems of wisdom from the insights and perspectives shared by people from all walks of life.   Exploring Hope for Better Times – a timely feature-length documentary. Coming your way in 2018 from Elfenworks Productions LLC “Beyond Film & Music!”

Highlights Include:

  • Miners for Hope… prospecting the depths, mining the mother lode.  
  • Haiku for Hope… an artivistic adventure.
  • Hope taking Flight… delving the depths and soaring to new heights.
  • Hope in History… from Plato to NASA, how and where do we see hope?
  • Gems of Wisdom... insights & perspectives from people like you & me.
  • Fabulous Musicians… inspiring performances from upcoming artists.
  • Students for Hope… student filmmakers and tomorrow’s leaders today.
  • Visionaries for Hope… 30+ different visions for a more hope-filled future.
    …and so much more! 
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Film Team

Written, produced and directed by Lauren Speeth. Assistant Director, Kelly Madsen Shaw. Editing, Animation, and Sound Design by Janice Rivera.  Mixing and Mastering by John Watkins. Art Direction by Mike Dalling. Photographs: Lauren Speeth, Janice Rivera, and others. For full credits, see film ending.  Copyright © 2018 Elfenworks Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 


Pandora’s box is open with troubles everywhere, but one winged thing needs releasing!  
Join the Miners for Hope on their quest, exploring hope, the very key to a better tomorrow.


Short Description 

Have you ever felt as if the world’s not well, almost as if Pandora’s box has been opened, all sorts of evils have spilled out, and only hope remains locked inside, begging for release? We have. But, what is hope anyway? What does it look like, and where do you find it? Join us in an exploration of this vital force that includes highlights from a decade of Elfenworks Foundation projects and 30+ social entrepreneurs all dedicated at building hope, with gems of wisdom from all walks of life!  

Note To Festival Committee Members Considering This Film

The film “Exploring Hope” is dedicated to filmmaker Christopher Eric Speeth, the filmmaker’s uncle, who passed away while we were mid-production, in 2017, who had grown to be an uncle to us all. Were it not for Chris, the Director might not have become a filmmaker, and this film would very likely not have been made. Chris was also a big supporter of the projects outlined in the film (e.g., annual judge of CMF Elfenworks Student Social Justice Film Awards). His mentorship and support meant the world to our whole team, as would your kind consideration of our film.

And Furthermore…


Green is the Color of Hope

To Help Offset This Film’s Carbon Footprint, 
We Donated To The Nature Conservancy’s 
Plant A Billion” Campaign, 
Supporting The Planting Of Approximately * 
2018 * Trees 



Until  Soon…