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Thank you, everyone, for your kind feedback. It really makes our day. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites, here:

REJUVE II FEEDBACK – Thanks so much for the CD.  I’ve been enjoying it a little each afternoon. My first listen was on the way home from work, it was a very stress-less and peaceful ride. I think this can be my go-to CD for less stressful driving. I’m not an aggressive driver, but there is a definite difference from listening to Rejuve II, and say some of my usual choices,Tower of Power, A bunch of fusion bands you probably wouldn’t know, some Holst, maybe even a little Wagner….I usually like the darker stuff. The CD is really good. Excellent musicianship, produced very well, sound quality and mixing perfect. Thanks again.  – Listener comment (Rejuve II)

CLIENT FEEDBACK  – Your talent, dedication, and hard work on my (truly “our”) website has actually made a dramatic improvement to my nearly 50 year old family business….  <<more>>