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Elfenworks Productions Press is a small, independent publisher of books with worldwide reach and purpose.  Our publishing focus is aligned with our philosophy: books that empower, heal, or create positive value.
Our first title provides a new methodology for social entrepreneurship (see below), and our second provides real help for ministers on the cyber frontier. Both books are aimed at empowering you, our reader. What will we release next? Stay tuned!

Thread For Pearls (Spring 2018)
Meet Fiona Sprechelbach, born a bright child of parents who expect her to live up to their ambitions while a course of obstacles strewn along her path threaten her potential. Will she get there? Find out in this novel by Lauren Speeth. Planned Release: Winter 2017-18.
New Ukrainian Language Edition
The book is already in use by students of Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, the flagship of Ukrainian higher education and is being used as a base for a social entrepreneurship competition, bolstering the formal study of social entrepreneurship there. Now for 2017, we are pleased to announce our Ukrainian-translation, available in the Ukraine.
New Chinese-Language Edition – 将才智与同情心付诸实践
Already in use by students at Capital University of Economics & Business in Beijing, China, and bolstering the nascent field of social entrepreneurship there, Elfenworks Productions announces an agreement with a publisher in China to release a printed Chinese-Language Edition of Intelligence & Compassion in Action, The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs.
New Portuguese Language Edition – Intelligence & Compassion in Action
Elfenworks Productions is proud to announce the Brazilian Portuguese-Language Edition of Intelligence & Compassion in Action, The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs, a book by Lauren Speeth, MBA, DBA, DMin. Translated/edited by Dr. Raphael Tito Balbino, Fabio Luczynski, and Lauren Speeth. Recommended by US Review of Books and selected for top honors (Gold) by the Living Now Books Award, for Social Activism / Charity.
New Russian-Language Edition – Intelligence & Compassion in Action
Our Russian-Language edition of Intelligence & Compassion in Action is a timely addition to the bookshelf of anyone who speaks Russian –Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Belorussians, Moldavians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Armenians, Latvians, residents of other Baltic nations, and so on – and who is interested in making a positive difference in an increasingly interconnected world.
eMinistry Book Available NOW
Winner of the 2015 eLit GOLD book award in its category! Being internet savvy is essential for spiritual leaders in today’s web-centered world, and Dr. Lauren Speeth’s new book on eMinistry serves as a guide for ministers looking to learn how to effectively communicate and expand their ministry online.
Intelligence & Compassion in Action
*NOW AVAILABLE* The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs, a book by Lauren Speeth, MBA, DBA, DMin. Written as a tool to empower the aspiring social entrepreneur, Intelligence & Compassion in Action offers real guidance as to how, and why, social entrepreneurship really works. It expounds a new Seven Pillar methodology, inspired by the wisdom of former President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter.