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Wellbeing Division

When we say we are “Beyond Film & Music,” we mean business.  All our endeavors are geared to uplift, and some of these efforts fall outside of the “books-films-music” frame. These endeavors range from the support of nonprofit efforts (which we view as healing for our society),

comprise efforts in two different operating divisions,  Woven Pathways and NHM Ministrants

Division where the motto is “all who are called, are called to be healers.”  Sometimes, these efforts spill over from the “music” genre (e.g., our Rejuve and Rejuve II offerings of soothing music) or from film (e.g., Exploring Hope For Better Times – 2018 Release).  In all these areas, we keep in mind our single-minded objective: bringing light to what is right.  

Over the years, we’ve tackled everything from PSAs (public service announcements) to the development of sewing training videos for poor widows in India.  And we’re just getting started. The following is a sampling of our PSA work, with two versions of a 30-second spot (voice over music) for The Elfenworks Foundation and a short video to encourage quitting smoking.

Quit Smoking PSA

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