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Wellbeing Division

When we say we are “Beyond Film & Music,” we mean business.  All our endeavors are geared to uplift, and to “bring light to what’s right.”  One way that we go “beyond” the film-books-music frame is to focus on wellbeing directly, through two different operating divisions:

NHM Ministrants, with the motto, “all who are called, are called to be healers,”  offers a wealth of online resources to the ministry community and the public as well.  [read more]  [visit the website]

Woven Pathways has a focus on holistic wellness, is primarily geared to the homeopath community, and offers a variety of educational resources and support. [read more]  [visit the website]

It’s hard to put wellness in a box. Some of our music and film, such as Rejuve II soothing music and Exploring Hope For Better Times, are surely wellness-related.  When we support nonprofit efforts, sometimes this helps heal our society. And, when we create a PSA to encourage people in the decision to quit smoking, it surely deserves a place in both the FILM and WELLNESS categories. 

Quit Smoking PSA

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