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Selected Recognition

Recent Raves for Current Releases

Area ~ Elfenworks Effort ~ Webpage ~ Accolade ~
Book Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs  details WINNER – Living Now Books Award Gold – 2014. Recommended Read – US Review of Books – 2014.
Book eMinistry: Virtual Pathways for Spiritual Leadership: Taking Evangelism into the Cyber Frontier details WINNER –  eLit award (Gold!) in the category of Religion (Eastern / Western) – 2015.
Film Ireland, The Celtic Way details WINNER BEST FILM – LA 3DFF – 3D Film Festival, Los Angeles.
Film What Green Can Be details OFFICIAL SELECTION – Sedona Film Festival & Sedona Green – 2014.   WINNER Davey Award (Silver).
Web NHM Ministrants
(formerly The Center for Nonharming Ministries) www.ministrants.com
details website WINNER – W3 Award  (Gold!) for Religion & Spirituality – 2013. WINNER – W3 Award  (Silver) for Copy /Writing – 2013. WINNER – Summit Creative Award (Bronze) – 2010.
Class Online Class: Journey Along The Healer’s Path details WINNER – 21st Annual Communicator “Award of Distinction” in two categories: Online Video & Webinar – 2015.

Our thanks to the judges who have visited our sites or listened to / watched our media offerings, and selected them from among so many outstanding possibilities. We are so grateful for your vote of confidence.

Archival / Historic Acclaim for Older Releases

We began as a boutique webdesign house, specializing in classical and jazz musicians of the highest caliber, and musical organizations, and since this was unique at the time. Our musicians garnered coverage for “taking to the web” in Gramophone, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, SF Chronicle, SJ Mercury News and others in 2001.  One of our earliest efforts, for a classical violinist of great note, was highlighted as featured/cool link by CDNow, Searchbeat, and others.  Having stuck around like a rock since the early days, we’ve gathered some moss: 30+ web awards including: For UQ-media.com – Silver W3 award for Web Creativity (2009); For JesusSangha.com – Silver W3 award for Web Creativity (2009); Silver Davey award (2009); For BettyHaag.com – Golden Web Award (2003-4); For Violinjazz.com – Platinum Web Award (2002-3); For LMSWebdesign.com – Platinum Web Award (2002-3); Millennium 2000 Choice Site (2000); For ErickFriedman.com – Golden Web Award (2002-3); Internet Excellence Award (2002); For ElissaLeeKoljonen.com – Golden Web Award (2002-3); For VoxCD.com – Golden Web Award (2002-3); Millennium 2000 Choice Site (2000); Informative Music Site Award (1999); For TheTerpinGroup.com – Golden Web Award (2001-2); For AaronRosand.com – Golden Web Award (2001-2); Millennium 2000 Choice Site (2000); Informative Music Site Award (1999).

For our music documentaries, music-videos, and CD releases we are honored to have been recognized for our work as well:



We’re checking our historical files. Check back again and you’re likely to find a more complete list.