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Tim Schaller

Meet Elfenworks Productions team member, and master editor/animator Tim Schaller. Tim Schaller has a long history of working with Elfenworks Productions on various film projects.

Schaller is the founder of Fogline.com, a virtual set, animation, graphics and editorial company located near the geographical center of San Francisco. In San Francisco, the fog is often breaking up just overhead as it sails in from the ocean.

In addition to the visual reference to the Bay Area, the name Fogline also refers to a style of working balanced between the worlds of reality and imagination. Even the tools themselves are a combination of real and virtual (fake). Ink may be used one moment, and a complex mathematical equation the next. This surreal style is a pleasing result of forging communicative elements from these distinct realms.

Among other projects, Tim Schaller animated the elfenworks bumper after first creating the elfenworks elf and provided editing and visual effects for the Elfenworks Productions multimedia music video / documentary shorts “Violins & Cigars” and “Tammy Hall Reflections“. Right now Tim is readying our Concert for Hope film with bonus features and subtitles in five languages, for release in beautiful Blu-ray.