About Us

Elfenworks Productions LLC in a Nutshell

Welcome! Elfenworks Productions, LLC is an award-winning multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision. Our creative, professional team of storytellers and technologists puts their creative spark at the service of the greater good, “bringing light to what is right.”sm    

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We are a full service multimedia production company. We specialize in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision, and we bring  expertise, integrity, intelligence, and insightsm  to our every effort, be it a film, song, app, animation, or whatever’s next.  There are films that help promote something positive, such as rekindling hope, igniting environmentalism, or rediscovering Celtic wisdom.  There are podcasts, PSAs and online lessons, and albums with soothing intent. We’re especially excited at projects to empower others at making lasting, measurable and positive change in their lives or in the world around them. For this reason, we enjoy partnership efforts with:

  • Educators & Students
  • Industry Professionals
  • Nonprofits with Vision
  • Responsible Business Leaders

Our work spans the gamut, and we have a proven track record with a full range of multimedia services, including copywriting, training, musical composition, recordings, voice-overs, film, video, and  so on. We have been known to write melodies that stick in your ear and won’t let go, and we have a history with projects involving translation into multiple languages. We have worked in both traditional and electronic distribution channels, and are constantly surveying the changes in the field. Regardless of the particulars, the positive intent is always the unifying thread.  Thanks for visiting – we very much appreciate your patronage!   

– the elves