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“Bringing Light to What is Right”

Every business has a goal, and ours is to spread a new message of hope through educational materials.  All of our projects and products meet a simple criterion: they must shed light in a way that is uplifting. From eco-green to Celtic green, from yesterday’s heroes to tomorrow’s change-makers, we choose subjects that will teach and inspire.  We do this using many modes of storytelling, going beyond film and music and the printed page to embrace the new tools of the 21st century . 

We were founded on the idea that you can do well while doing good.  Since 2005 we’ve been creating a positive value with our works and with our pro-social partnerships with like-minded organizations.  In this way, we’re helping foster the sort of environment in which we’d all prefer to live. 

We think of customers as partners, and we don’t check our values at the front door.  At Elfenworks Productions, we’re working towards a more hope-filled tomorrow… and we’re getting there one good story at a time!

We thank you for your patronage and  your partnership. Together we are… bringing light to what is right!