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“Bringing Light to What is Right”

Everyone has a story, and ours is a new message of hope.  All of our projects and products meet a simple criterion: will this story shed light somehow on something that is good, lovely, hope-filled or uplifting?  Will it teach, inspire, or feed the soul? We use many modes of storytelling, going beyond film and music, embracing the printed page and the tools of the 21st century storyteller as well. Our philosophy is based on the idea that you can “do well” while doing good. Music and the arts feed the soul, so we’re creating a positive value with our artistry, and when we work in public-private partnerships or with other like-minded socially responsible businesses, we’re helping foster the sort of environment in which we’d all prefer to live.  

Back in the 1980s, in a graduate marketing class in business school, our founder learned about the various models of customer service, ranging from “satisficing” and “customer satisfaction” to “customer ecstasy.” At Elfenworks Productions, we try to live up to our reputation for excellence in all areas, such that everyone who works here considers it a joy, and everyone who experiences our products is enriched greatly for having spent time with them.  We think of customers as partners, and we don’t check our values at the front door.  At Elfenworks Productions, we’re unabashedly embracing the greater good, one good story at a time!

We thank you for your patronage and  your partnership. Together we are… bringing light to what is right!