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Press Release: Thread for Pearls Gathers Laurels



San Mateo, California – November 14, 2018, Elfenworks Productions, LLC is delighted to announce that our first release of historical fiction has garnered significant honors including:

  • Finalist in the Women’s Fiction category at the Beverly Hills Book Awards [visit their website]
  • Award Winning Finalist in the Women’s Lit category of the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest [visit their website]
  • Best Reviewed Books of June, 2018 (with a brilliant 4.2 Star “Indie Reader Approved” Rating sponsored by Indie Reader [visit their website]
  • Highly recommended by Midwest Book Review, and described as “captivating, cover to cover.”  [visit their website]
  • Featured on the Mills College Alumni Magazine “Bookshelf”


About Thread for Pearls
Set during one of the most politically divisive eras in American history – the ‘60s and ‘70s – Thread for Pearls is a coming-of-age tale that takes us on a young heroine’s journey to faith and freedom amidst a turbulent family dynamic. It’s a story of resilient hope that questions whether it’s the events of our lives that define us or the thread on which we choose to string them. Reader reviews point to a landscape that is “breathtakingly fresh and clear,” and “an incredible read” that “captures the intrigue and drama of the times” and conveys them with a wit that “reminds one of a GK Chesterton.”  This fresh, new novel by acclaimed author Lauren Speeth seems at once distant – 50 years in the past – and true to today’s times.  There is an undercurrent of music that runs throughout the book and carries the reader along from era to era. 

“Those were unsettling times to grow up in, and many were left feeling a bit estranged and unseen, like unicorns.” said author Speeth, adding, “But people today feel that way, too.  I wrote the book to help heal the hurts that life can throw at us, pointing the way towards hope, while still honoring that unique element in us all.”  The eBook release date – Unicorn Day – underscores that point. The printed book was released on National Read a Book day, with the audio-book following swiftly thereafter.  For more about the Thread for Pearls, including a stereoscopic trailer, audio-clip excerpts, and footage from our launch event, we invite you to visit www.threadforpearls.com.

Synopsis: A near-death experience in a car with her Mother; running from tear gas at a Vietnam War rally hand-in-hand with her Pop; a year in India learning side-by-side the country’s ‘untouchables;’ the highs and lows of living on a rural Pennsylvania commune…and all before Fiona Sprechelbach’s thirteenth birthday. 

More About Thread for Pearls
 Thread for Pearls is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.Available at online vendors such as Amazon. now. www.threadforpearls.com

About the Author
Master storyteller Lauren Speeth has shared her stories in film and print over the years with audiences around the world, to critical acclaim. Her storytelling interests run the gamut, from books about the American experience to 3-D films about Irish spirituality, to music about love and life. In this, her first novel, she shares what she has come to understand as the fundamental human experience of resiliency and hope. When not dreaming up stories, Speeth leads Elfenworks Productions, LLC, a pro-social business with internationally acclaimed media content, and The Elfenworks Foundation, where her team of social entrepreneurs work together daily on a variety of projects with the same aim: help hope grow. 

About Elfenworks Productions, LLC
We are a multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision. Whether soothing and nourishing the senses, exploring important untold stories, fostering learning, or helping redefine the landscape of possibilities, the common element is to inspire and uplift, “bringing light to what is right.” Believing it is possible to do well while doing good, this creative, professional team of storytellers brings their expertise, integrity, intelligence and insight to bear on every effort, be it a film, a song, an app, an animation, or whatever’s next. Find out more at www.elfenworksproductions.com.

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