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Stay Tuned for Arabic Edition in 2019

Coming Soon! – Elfenworks Productions is pleased to announce the completed translation of  Intelligence & Compassion in Action, The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs.  

This project has been ongoing since 2016, when the book’s author, Dr. Lauren Speeth, traveled to Jordan and presented the methodology at the University of Jordan and the World Affairs Council in Amman.  

Written as a tool to empower the aspiring social entrepreneur, this book expounds a Seven Pillar methodology inspired by the wisdom of former President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter. It offers real guidance as to how, and why, social entrepreneurship really works. Since its launch  at Australian National University, it has garnered a “recommended read” by U.S. Review of Books and a Gold Medal from Living Now Books Award in the social entrepreneurship category, as well as rave international reviews, including in Jordan.   

The author is the founder of The Elfenworks Foundation, Dr. Lauren Speeth, who lives the lessons she teaches in this book daily. The insights within these pages have come from Speeth’s years of experience in technology, management, and the nonprofit world, as well as from insights gained in interviews with extraordinary social entrepreneurs.  Over the years, it’s become clear that the methodology can be of help in tackling any number of daunting issues, and can be used in one’s personal life as well. It provides a framework for recognizing vision, focusing actions in ways that play to your strengths, and shepherding resources. It also provides insights into effective partnership, credit-sharing, and measuring for feedback and course correction. Finally, there are helpful suggestions on how to stay the course, for true effectiveness. A seven-part “roadmap for uncharted territories,” clearly explained and practically applied, the book also includes a worksheet for your immediate use in evaluating projects and partners. As an added bonus, Intelligence & Compassion in Action contains supplemental essays exploring great teachings, and their intersection with the Seven Pillar methodology.

الذّكاء والتّعاطف في العمل

الأعمدة السّبعة لريادة العمل الاجتماعيّ

عندما طلبَت لورين سبيث نصيحتي حول العمل بفاعليّة لتحقيق التّغيير الاجتماعيّ، سعدتُ بمشاركة خبرتي معها. تُثني لورين عليّ وعلى مركز كارتر   كثيراً في كتابها، وأنا بالمقابل أثني عليها لأخذها بنصيحتي وتطويرها لخطّة عمل عمليّة ومثاليّة في الوقت ذاته. إنّني أؤمن بأنّ كتابها يمكن أن يكون دليلاً لروّاد العمل الّذين يسعون لجعل العالم مكاناً أفضل.” 

 جيمي كارتر

Whether you are just discerning your vision or a CEO looking for practical steps to refresh your organization, you will find in these pages both a source of true inspiration and a plan for creating sustainable change. If applied and used correctly, it will also help you discover for yourself a pathway to joy, which Speeth explains is “the intersection, where your skills and affinities meet with the world’s needs.”

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