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Historical News Archive: Press Coverage in China

Highlights from Press Coverage in China

Below, we’re pleased to share the growing log of press coverage from our recent trip to China. Check back again for any additions or corrections.  Most links are not “live” – this is an historical record only.

Live TV Show at CCTV (China Central Television) March 2016

Live Talk Show at CRI (China Radio International)


Headline: Famous US Social Entrepreneur, Dr. Lauren Speeth’s Upcoming Visit to Beijing

  • Baidu Internet Entrepreneurs Club (百度互联网创业者俱乐部), 11/05 http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142050823
  • Baidu Beijing Entrepreneurs Club (百度北京创业吧), 11/05 http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142078042
  • Baidu Youth Entrepreneurs Club (百度青年创业吧), 11/05 http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141957092
  • China Philanthropy Online (中国公益在线), 11/05 http://www.gyzx.org/news/dfnews/2015-11-05/5168.html
  • Sohu.com (搜狐网); source: China Philanthropy Online, 11/05 http://mt.sohu.com/20151105/n425329327.shtml
  • Sohu Community (搜狐社区), 11/05 http://club.money.sohu.com/cfgushi01/thread/3lv62b5eoa6
  • Ifeng.com (凤凰网), 11/05 http://blog.ifeng.com/article/38290084.html
  • Tianya Community (天涯社区), 11/05 ( highly influential Chinese-speaking forum) http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090285-1.shtml
  • Tianya Forum (天涯论坛), 11/05 http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090253-1.shtml
  • Wuya Tribe (乌鸦部落), 11/05 (platform designed for the largest entrepreneurial community in Dalian, Liaoning Province. http://www.wuyabuluo.com/read.php?tid=53590&ds=1
  • NGO Information Net (NGO资讯网), 11/03 http://www.lvngo.com/ngo-43312-1.html

Report on Speeth’s CUEB Guest Lecture Presentation

Presentation at the College of Urban Economics & Public Administration at Capital University of Economics & Business, Beijing – Online Media (19 in total)

  1. People.cn (人民网), 11/13 http://world.people.com.cn/n/2015/1113/c57506-27812142.html
  2. China Daily(中国日报),11/13 http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/hqgj/jryw/2015-11-13/content_14330583.html
  3. Ifeng.com (凤凰网), 11/13 http://news.ifeng.com/a/20151113/46229974_0.shtml
  4. 163.com (网易), 11/13 China’s leading internet company, http://news.163.com/15/1113/10/B89VPGN800014JB6.html
  5. Chifeng Impression Net (赤峰印象网), 11/05 The online platform created by Chifeng TV Station, Inner Mongolia. http://www.yxcf.org/xwpd/gjxw/2015-11-17/141283.html
  6. Kaixian News Online (汉丰网), Source: People.cn, 11/13 Established by Kaizhou News Agency in Chongqing Province, it is the news center for the Kaixian county Party Committee and government, the center for public information service and for introducing Kaixian to the outside world. http://www.kaixian.tv/gd/2015/1113/794690.html
  7. CQNEWS.NET (华龙网), 11/13 CQNEWS.NET was approved by the State Council Information Office, it is one of the first key provincial level news platforms in Chongqing Autonomous Region, supervised by the Chongqing Municipal Office of Public Relations. http://news.cqnews.net/html/2015-11/13/content_35754383.htm
  8. Guiyang News Online (贵阳网), 11/13 The key news website held by Guiyang Daily Media Group in Guizhou Province, it is one of the major A-level news websites approved by the Information Office of the State Council. http://www.gywb.cn/content/2015-11/13/content_4145809.htm
  9. China Youth Online (中国青年网), 11/18 http://news.youth.cn/wztt/201511/t20151118_7324899.htm
  10. Today’s Headlines (今日头条), 11/18 a recommendation engine based on data mining, and one of the fastest growing domestic mobile Internet products and services. http://toutiao.com/i6218432379065729537/
  11. Eastday.com (东方网), 11/13 (no interview) one of the key national news websites and one of the mainstream media in Shanghai. It has more than 120 channels and published in Chinese, English and Japanese. http://news.eastday.com/eastday/13news/auto/news/world/u7ai4886606.html
  12. Xinmin News Online (新民网), 11/18 Official website of Xinmin Evening News, which is under direct supervision of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, providing the Shanghai citizens with comprehensive information. http://news.xinmin.cn/world/2015/11/18/28969157.html
  13. China Jiangsu Net (中国江苏网) , 11/13 Largest provincial level news network in Jiangsu province, the mainstream media that covers comprehensive information with multimedia approach, held by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and government. http://big5.jschina.com.cn/gate/big5/news.jschina.com.cn/system/2015/11/13/026984906.shtml
  14. Dazhong Net (大众网), 11/13 Approved by the State Council Information Office, it is a key news website in Shandong province. http://news.dzwww.com/guojixinwen/201511/t20151113_13327033.htm
  15. CUEB(首都经济贸易大学网站), 11/11 http://xsc.cueb.edu.cn/openinfo/news?id=876106&lastId=835052
  16. College of Urban Economics & Public Administration at CUEB(首经贸城市经济与公共管理学院网站), 11/14, ; Source: CUEB http://cjx.cueb.edu.cn/news/new/2015-11-14/2249.html
  17. NGO Information Online (NGO资讯网), 11/13; Source: CUEB http://www.lvngo.com/ngo-43315-1.html
  18. Shanda Network (善达网),11/16; Source: CUEB An online media servicing the public good, focus on the fields such as internet public good, social entrepreneurship, Business Social Responsibility, environment, education, etc. http://sdg.shanda960.com/article/5404
  19. China CPPCC News Online (中国政协新闻网), affiliated to People.cn, 11/17 (a shorter one) http://cppcc.people.com.cn/n/2015/1117/c34948-27822144.htmlPrint Media (2 in total)
    • China Community Newspaper (中国社会报), with an online version
    • CPPCC Newspaper (人民政协报), with an online version

Book Reviews

Prof. Xu’s Book Review

  1. Sohu Community (搜狐社区) http://club.money.sohu.com/cfgushi01/thread/3lv5o1aur7e
  2. Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation《创业与实践》 http://www.54china.org/news/html/?682.html
  3. Baidu Beijing Entrepreneurs Club (百度北京创业吧) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142069579
  4. Baidu Youth Entrepreneurs Club (百度青年创业吧) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141949415
  5. Baidu Internet Entrepreneurs Club (百度互联网创业者俱乐部) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142039121
  6. Tiany Community (天涯社区) http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090282-1.shtml
  7. Tianya Forum (天涯论坛) http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090265-1.shtml http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090255-1.shtml
  8. Wuya Tribe (乌鸦部落) http://www.wuyabuluo.com/read.php?tid=53588&ds=1
  9. Kaidi Community (凯迪社区) http://club.kdnet.net/dispbbs.asp?id=11270339&boardid=88&replyID=53591393&page=1&1=1#53591393
  10. Douban.com (豆瓣) A community website, featured in information about books, movies and music with its headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the biggest cities in China. http://dongxi.douban.com/article/6362472

Gu Lanying Book Review

Ms. Gu Lanying, Vice Director of Beijing News Culture Study Institute (北京新闻文化研究所)

  1. Sohu Community (搜狐社区) http://club.money.sohu.com/cfgushi01/thread/3lv5zc9m4uf
  2. Tiany Community (天涯社区) http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090280-1.shtml
  3. Wuya Tribe (乌鸦部落) http://www.wuyabuluo.com/read.php?tid=53589&ds=1
  4. Baidu Beijing Entrepreneurs Club (百度北京创业吧) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142078042
  5. Baidu Youth Entrepreneurs Club (百度青年创业吧) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141951507
  6. Kaidi Community (凯迪社区) http://club.kdnet.net/dispbbs.asp?id=11269245&boardid=88&replyID=53575281&page=1&1=1#53575281
  7. Douban.com (豆瓣) http://dongxi.douban.com/article/6362473/
  8. China.com.cn (中国网) http://forum.china.com.cn/thread-4541772-1-1.html

Wang Yijun Book Review (graduate student @ CUEB, Mentee of Prof. Xu)

  1. http://club.money.sohu.com/cfgushi01/thread/3lv5tny68m9
  2. http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090281-1.shtml
  3. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142040656
  4. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142048571
  5. http://www.wuyabuluo.com/read.php?tid=53586&a7.mp;ds=1
  6. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142070545
  7. http://club.kdnet.net/dispbbs.asp?id=11269240&boardid=88&replyID=53575218&page=1&1=1#53575218
  8. http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090254-1.shtml
  9. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141955140
  10. http://www.douban.com/note/523486509/


List of Media with Book Reviews

Print Media (3 in Total)

  1. Beijing Workers Newspaper (北京工人报)
  2. Charity & Public Service (慈善公益报)
  3. XiCheng Workers Newspaper (西城工人报)

Online Media (10 in Total)

  1. Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation《创业与实践》 http://www.54china.org/news/html/?682.html
  2. China.com.cn (中国网) http://forum.china.com.cn/thread-4541772-1-1.html
  3. Wuya Tribe (乌鸦部落)
    • http://www.wuyabuluo.com/read.php?tid=53589&ds=1 (Gu Lanying)
    • http://www.wuyabuluo.com/read.php?tid=53586&ds=1, (Wang Yijun)
    • http://www.wuyabuluo.com/read.php?tid=53590&ds=1 (Pre-visit News Announcement)
  4. Sohu Community (搜狐社区)
    • http://club.money.sohu.com/cfgushi01/thread/3lv5o1aur7e (Xu)
    • http://club.money.sohu.com/cfgushi01/thread/3lv5tny68m9 (Wang)
    • http://club.money.sohu.com/cfgushi01/thread/3lv5zc9m4uf (Gu)
  5. Baidu Beijing Entrepreneurs Club (百度北京创业吧)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142069579 (Xu)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142070545 (Wang)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142076114 (Gu)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142078042 (Pre-visit News Announcement)
  6. Baidu Youth Entrepreneurs Club (百度青年创业吧)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141949415 (Xu)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141955140 (Wang)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141951507 (Gu)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4141957092 (Pre-visit News Announcement)
  7. Baidu Internet Entrepreneurs Club (百度互联网创业者俱乐部)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142039121 (Xu)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142040656 (Wang)
    • http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4142048571 (Gu)
  8. Tianya Forum (天涯论坛)
    • http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090265-1.shtml (Xu)
    • http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090255-1.shtml (Xu)
    • http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090254-1.shtml (Wang)
    • http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090253-1.shtml (Pre-visit News Announcement)
  9. Tianya Community (天涯社区)
    • http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090282-1.shtml (Xu)
    • http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090281-1.shtml (Wang)
    • http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-develop-2090280-1.shtml (Gu)
  10. Douban.com (豆瓣)
    • http://dongxi.douban.com/article/6362472/ (Xu)
    • http://www.douban.com/note/523486509/ (Wang)
    • http://dongxi.douban.com/article/6362473/ (Gu)

Press Release in Kunming

Spring City One Net (春城壹网), November 20, 2015

  1. http://welfare.ccwb.cn/page_20151120172238R4N9PH.html
  2. http://www.ccwb.cn/page_20151120172238R4N9PH.html
  3. http://ccwb.cn/page_20151120172238R4N9PH.html
  4. http://www.ccwb.cn/mobilenews/20151120172333B6VUPV.html