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Our In-House Musicians: Commodore Callahan

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Commodore Callahan is a band whose conscience and heart comes through in every song. As the in-house band of Elfenworks Productions, LLC, we have always had certain key players comprising Elfenworks team members, adding guest members as needed for a gig or recording session.  The band specializes in songs about love and hope, but also tackles the harder issues, in a wide range of styles. Rough Justice is straight-up rock, and the award winning tracks  Such a Crime  and Resurrection are country/ballad and gospel songs, just as examples.  The band also creates jingles for others.

Performances have historically taken place in concert with fundraisers, either as an acoustic trio or with additional playersProject Respite, to turn up the heat.  For example, the band supported The Elfenworks Foundation’s Second Saturdays campaign by performing on the second Saturday of every month (including a road trip covering 35 cities) while that project was active. Pictured to the left you’ll see members of the band after playing a fundraiser at Google for a hospital to be built in Bihar, India[1]

The band’s debut album, Love is Here, was released at a fundraiser for San Francisco Boys Hope Girls Hope.  One cut from the album was featured at a local More than Bluegrass fundraiser for two years running. Another, “Resurrection,” was used in a fundraising telethon by Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment and took honors at a film festival. The success of the debut album was followed with two additional singles, one of which was featured at the S.A.L.T. Conference “Vulnerable Populations and Economic Realities” hosted by Golden Gate University’s school of law.

The band’s musical efforts have been described as “everything from soul to Brazilian jazz – perfectly lovely[2],”  For inquiries, please use the Elfenworks Productions Contact Page.


[1] This fundraiser was undertaken at the request of our friends at Google who were hosting the Dalai Lama’s interpreter, Matthieu Ricard. 

[2] Suzanne Fowler Palmer, Boys Hope Girls Hope S.F. Bay Area (www.boyshopegirlshope.org).