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Devon Filo

Meet Devon Filo, who joined the Elfenworks Productions, LLC team in 2014 to focus on social media, and quickly progressed to research assignments for projects, including a project centered around a key aspect of violin history that’s still under wraps and is slated for for 2017 (stay tuned).

After taking over a key post in Software Quality Assurance testing, for our https://ecnisc.org project, Ms. Filo proved a savvy technologist with a head for numbers, and began the transition into accounting, where she also excelled… because music and math really do go together!

A graduate of University of the Pacific, Devon holds Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. A true renaissance woman, Devon has a passion for music and loves how it positively affects others. She enjoys playing violin and mandolin with two bands – Road Closed and John Henry’s Farm. In her spare time you can find Devon planting trees with the nonprofit organization Canopy, walking her Old English Sheepdog, quilting, painting, and drawing.