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Devon Filo

Meet Devon Filo, who joined the Elfenworks Productions, LLC team in 2014 to focus on social media, and quickly progressed to research assignments for projects, including our podcast entitled “Ribbons & Bows, American Women in Violin History” 

After taking over a key post in Software Quality Assurance testing, for our various projects, Ms. Filo proved a savvy technologist with a head for numbers, and began the transition into accounting, where she also excelled… because music and math really do go together!

A graduate of University of the Pacific, Devon holds Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. A true renaissance woman, Devon has a passion for music and loves how it positively affects others. She enjoys playing violin and mandolin with two bands – Road Closed and John Henry’s Farm. In her spare time you can find Devon planting trees with the nonprofit organization Canopy, walking her Old English Sheepdog, quilting, painting, and drawing.