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Once an Elf…

At Elfenworks Productions, we say “once an elf, ever an elf!” Because we feel these team members have invested of themselves here, and have grown with us. On this page, we tell a few of the stories of a few of the special elves who’ve been an integral part of our team.

Elves Emeriti

  • Tammy Hall  graced our team at Elfenworks Productions for a number of years. You can hear her artistry featured on the a good number of odvd_tammyhallur releases, including the first Rejuve CD, released in association with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of the Greater Bay Area. Ms. Hall has gone on to a superstar jazz career and in 2016 debuted her solo CD “Blue Soul” – available on her website http://www.tammyhall.com/.


  • Ming-Ju Meade, who managed accounting for uteam-ming2s through August of 2016,  also coached our CEO in Chinese language basics in preparation for a planned trip to Beijing fostering social entrepreneurship with our Chinese book translation and partnership with Capital University of Economics and Business.


  • Cristina Parvu – Founder of Parvu PR,   “public relations for the music conscience,” was our publicist for many yearsCParvu, first while working for PR legend Joe Dera at DRC, and later after branching out on her own.  She still generously allows us to draw on her depth of experience, believing  in supporting the “music conscience.”


  • team_grGrace Ryu – Executive Assistant to our CEO while pursuing a degree in Human Resources Management at Golden Gate University, Ms. Ryu has since returned to her home in Korea. There, she intends to take what she has learned at Elfenworks and apply it to international consulting work, empowering and mentoring others.  She strongly believes a small group of passionate and compassionate people can change the world.


  • elf_shetayatTina Shetaya – A native San Franciscan with a Bachelors degree from San Francisco State University in International Relations, Ms. Shetaya joined Elfenworks on Thursday, July 9th, 2015 as Office Manager, and jumped right in to a very big task: coordinate and manage the move to our new headquarters.  She accomplished this with aplomb, while also coordinating the Breathing Butterfly recordings which we undertook in partnership with The Elfenworks Foundation. What a pro!


  • elf_smithfattenkKelly Jane Smith-Fatten – Ms. Smith-Fatten joined the team in 2009 as an Executive Assistant, and employing her background in art to projects and campaigns, she soon became our first Social Media Manager. Highlights during her time at Elfenworks include interviewing and filming cameos.


  • Jennifer Thomas Sadler– For many years, if you called our office, chances are you would hear Jennifer’s voice. A  San Francisco native who joined us with over 10 years experience in office management, including having supported Supervisor Malia elf_thomasjCohen of SF District 10, Jenn not only managed our front office, she also managed our social media, event planning, and HR. A talented singer/songwriter and recording artist with a deep love of R&B and gospel music, Ms. Thomas has had the opportunity to sing background with American Idol finalist Latoya London, has sung locally as a solo artist, and recorded for Elfenworks as well.  While at Elfenworks, Jennifer returned to college, completing a degree in Human Resources Administration at Golden Gate University and was hired away into a large corporation into an important HR position.


  • Josh Workman  –  Josh Workman is an internationally traveled guitarist, composer, educator, journalist, and audio editor who teaches at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. He began playing guitar at age 10, was already out performing three years later, in North Beach, then attended Berklee School of Music in Boston and New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York.  He was an integral part of the Elfenworks team for many years before relocating to Los Angeles. A few examples: key member of our in-house band Commodore Callahan; scored and oversaw the soundrack to our award-winning 3-D documentary movie, Ireland, The Celtic Way; and shepherded a number of our CD projects to completion (e.g., Pastor Fish and Rejuve II).  His own website, www.joshworkman.com,  understates his accomplishments, in our opinion.  Josh is not only a guitarist of the highest order, but his skills in music / film project management should not be overlooked, nor should his composing / arranging skills.   Listen to Josh’s killer audio guitar lessons here.


As we say, you can take an elf out of the workshop, but you can’t take the workshop out of the elf.  Check back for updates from our elves emeriti.  They’ll keep making those ripples, we are sure!


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