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Press Release: Exploring Hope Garners Laurels

Exploring Hope


Hollywood Int’l Moving Pictures Fest, Festigious, Colorado Int’l Activism Fest, Official Selection – Depth of Field, and Screening in Jamaica! 

San Mateo, California, February 20, 2019  –Elfenworks Productions LLC is pleased to roar into spring with an Official Selection at Depth of Field International Film Festival (an IMDB Qualifying Fest)  and our first international screening! We’re an Official Selection at the Jamaica International Faith Film Festival. We are thrilled, honored, and so very grateful! 

It’s been a wonderful run so far. Exploring Hope garnered not one but two laurels at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival – Best Woman Director, and Best Documentary Feature. We also took Best Inspirational Film at Festigious Film Festival, both IMDB qualifying festivals.  What’s more, we received Best Host of a Documentary at the Colorado International Activism Film Festival, and won 4th Place in the Documentary Short Category at The International Indie Gathering.  And now, two more selections! We’re feeling thrilled, honored, humbled, and blessed.

What is hope? Our film is an exploration of this very vital force. It highlights a decade of projects by Elfenworks Foundation, introduces 30+ social entrepreneurs all dedicated at building hope, and is adorned with gems of wisdom from all walks of life!  We feel it’s an important film not so much because of who we are, but because of the intrinsic value of hope itself, to replenish and empower audiences.  

“Pandora’s box is open with troubles everywhere, but one winged thing needs releasing!” said director Lauren Speeth, adding, “We’re so excited that the Colorado International Activism Film Fest, Festigious, Hollywood International Film Fest, and now Jamaica International Faith Film Fest have joined the Miners for Hope on our quest, exploring hope, the very key to a better tomorrow.” The film is dedicated to the director’s late uncle, filmmaker Christopher Eric Speeth (1939-2017). Chris was a big supporter of the hope-building projects outlined in the film. For example, he was one of the judges of the Campus Moviefest / Elfenworks Social Justice Student Filmmaker Awards, highlighted along with inspiring performances from upcoming artists.  Other highlights include an artistic exploration of “Haiku for Hope,” hope in history from Plato to NASA  and beyond, and over 30 different visions for a more hope-filled future. The exploration delves into the depths, soars to new heights, and includes gems of wisdom from everyday people like you & me.

About the Film
Ten years in the making, Exploring Hope for Better Times includes hope-filled stories from the decade-long history of The Elfenworks Foundation, including the thirty In Harmony with Hope Awardees, all fostering a more hope-filled tomorrow, each in their own way. Judged “Original and well directed” by Festigious, where it garnered Best Inspirational Film, Exploring Hope is a cinematically rich exploration of the value of hope in troubled times. The film has also received Best Woman Director and Best Documentary Feature laurels from the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival. Watch the trailer online at www.elfenworksproductions.com/exploringhope.   44 minutes.

About the Colorado International Activism Film Festival
The Colorado International Activism Film Festival #CIAFFWinner, Best Host - CIAFF is held over three days at Denver Open Media, in the heart the summer, in the heart of Denver. The festival features documentaries, dramatizations, docudramas, comedies, animations, screenplays, art/photographs and music videos, providing a premiere outlet for filmmakers with a vision. Gratitude to CIAFF for the “Best Host – Documentary” Win!  www.filmfreeway.com/ColoradoInternationalActivismFilmFestival

About the Festigious Festival
Winner - FestigiousFestigious is an IMDb qualifying monthly film festival. Each month, the Jury awards the best films through private screenings, and makes a special interview with the winner of the Best Film of the Month award. The Film of the Month winners also compete at the end of the year for Best of Fest award (best film of the year). Festigious has the laudable double mission of promoting indie filmmakers worldwide, and achieving gender equality in filmmaking. Thank you, Festigious, for inspiring us to keep at it, with the “Best Inspirational Film” win! http://www.festigious.com

About the HIMPFF FestivalWinner - HIMPFF
Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Celebrates Short Films, Features, Television and New Media worldwide. Our mission is to support filmmakers, recognize their hard work, and Award them so they are more inspired to keep telling amazing stories. HIMPFF is an IMDB Qualifying Festival, with this year’s red-carpet event held in the heart of Hollywood on January 26, 2019. We’re so excited to have garnered not one but two laurels: Best Woman Director & Best Documentary Feature. Thank you so very much, HIMPFF! http://himpff.com/ 

About The International Indie Gathering  
The “Indie” Gathering Film Festival exists to showcase the independent filmmaker. Their mission is to inspire and encourage film makersWinner - The Indie Gathering through a competitive showcase. Filmmakers participate in their screenings and after the films speak with audience members who seek a closer look into the creative process. We’re proud to have won Best Jazz Short in a prior year, with our film, Reflections, and now to return to win 4th Place in the Documentary Short Category for Exploring Hope for Better Times. http://theindiegathering.com 

About the Jamaica International Faith Film Fest
Official Selection - Jamaica International Faith Film FestivalThe Jamaica International Faith Film Festival is a festival with a mission: sharing God’s love through film. It takes place in the Capital City, Kingston, “where Caribbean rhythms and faith come together for the Inaugural Jamaica International Faith Film Festival 2019.”  The festival is hosted by the Jamaica Youth for Christ, and screens Christian and faith-based films from all over the world, bringing the message of God’s love, hope and peace to the people of Kingston, Jamaica. The inaugural 2019 festival takes place from February 28 to March 2nd, and is free to the public. It includes opportunities for the filmmakers to participate in an evangelistic or social mission while on the island while enjoying an uplifting concert featuring some of Jamaica’s finest gospel ministers. We’re proud to have our premiere International Screening in Jamaica at the Jamaica International Faith Festival and align with this mission.  https://filmfreeway.com/JIFFFestival

About Elfenworks Productions LLC
A multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision, Elfenworks Productions’ creative, professional team of storytellers and technologists puts their creative spark at the service of the greater good, “bringing light to what is right.”sm   
Projects – whether internally originated or in partnership with others – explore important untold stories, foster learning, soothe and uplift, and help redefine the landscape of possibilities. Believing it is possible to do well while doing good, EP brings expertise, integrity, intelligence and insightsm to bear on every effort, be it a film, song, app, book, podcast, animation, or whatever’s next.  http://www.elfenworksproductions.com.