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Feedback from Elfenworks’ Client John Callahan

This is a long overdue note to let you know how your talent, dedication, and hard work on my (truly “our”) website has actually made a dramatic improvement to my nearly 50 year old family business.

We have been rebuilding pianos for many years to the highest possible standards. But in an unregulated profession such as ours which is riddled with amateurs, hobbyists, and substandard practitioners, the typical consumer is usually confused, misinformed, and, unfortunately, unaware of what is actually involved in a proper, professional restoration of the highest quality.

Our website has proven to be the ideal tool for quickly informing potential customers that they are not dealing with the “average” rebuilding shop. The website alone has sold many rebuilding jobs for us, by the simple fact that it instills a sense of confidence in the customer that they are dealing with a business which is at a level beyond any other they have experienced.

The website has become invaluable in two different ways. First, it has brought customers to us from all over the country who have found it on their own in their search for a competent rebuilder. These are customers we never would have known without it. Second, and most importantly, I use it daily as a way to quickly “pre-sell” our services to potential local customers who have been referred by others or have simply found us in the Yellow Pages. After they have visited the website, no further selling is usually necessary!

Our rebuilding business has more than doubled over the past two years. There have been some changes other than the website, however there is no doubt that it has played a significant part in our growth.

I get compliments on the site on a daily basis. “Impressive”, “classy”, “informative”, “great website”, I hear these comments so often, I almost take them for granted.

But that is the reason for this note. I know how hard you worked on it for me, and I want you to know that I will never take your work for granted. I appreciate it every day, and I feel lucky to have you for a web designer. Thank you.

All the best,

John Callahan
Callahan Piano