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Kelly Shaw

Meet Kelly Shaw, Project Manager, who heads up the following programs for Elfenworks Productions, LLC:

  • NHM Ministrants – All Aspects, including our Pastor Fish Grammy Nomination Bid (!!) 
  • Ireland, The Celtic Way – Kanopy Liaison and Distribution
  • Forthcoming Book Release: Thread for Pearls
  • Forthcoming podcast: Ribbons & Bows

In her copious spare time (ahem, what?) Mrs. Shaw is also the Assistant Director of our forthcoming film release, Exploring Hope.  How does she do it? We don’t know either. 

A graduate of Brigham Young University  with a BA in Art History & Curatorial Studies, Mrs. Shaw also holds an MA in Leadership with a social justice concentration from Saint Mary’s College, where her thesis was on our very own Widows of India Status and Empowerment (WISE) project, a project that arose after our visit to Tiruchirappalli, way back in 2013. 

After earning her masters degree, Mrs. Shaw took a hiatus to gain some additional outside experience, returning to head up our international projects for our NHM Ministrants division as well as managing our new releases and film distribution.