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Kenneth Tam

Meet Elfenworks Productions Vice President Kenneth C. Tam.  Prior to taking the lead as VP, Tam had a long history of working with us on various finance projects.

Born in Hong Kong, Ken moved to California at the age of eight, and immediately began his entrepreneurial career with his own paper route. In his mid-twenties, Ken spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ken has twenty years of operating and financial background, building and managing fast-growth companies and startups.

Before joining us, Ken held the positions of C.O.O. and C.F.O. at New Life Bakery, and was a member of the management team at Fresh Express, helping transform a commodities vegetable company into the leader of fresh cut salads. Ken started the German subsidiary of Orchid Technology, creating a distribution system that tripled German sales. Ken Tam received his B.S. from University of California, Davis and his M.B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles. Fluent in several languages, he has enjoyed some of our multi-language projects, including managing all aspects of our domestic multi-lingual apps, as well as multiple concurrent international efforts.

A father of two, Mr. Tam is especially taken with children’s issues, financial insecurity issues, protection of the vulnerable, the rebuilding of social communities, and with creation of opportunities, opening up America’s promise to all who would work hard to attain it.