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Love Is Here Album

 As heard on 89.5 KPOO & 91.1 KCSM – available on iTunes & CD Baby

Commodore Callahan’s debut album, Love is Here, featured key band members plus a number of guest artists and vocalists.

The release is available on iTunes, and you can download the lyrics and liner notes right here:

About the Commodore Callahan Debut CD, “Love is Here”

We were going to name it “One Way Track.” after all, so many of the lyrics arrived in a burst of inspiration on a train ride from Seattle to San Francisco. We had cover art with a compass, and thought it would be good to write liner notes about the metaphor of the paths we follow in life. Then, on listening to the CD a few times, the album began to take on the aspects of a call and response.  The calling out for rescue and redemption is heard on some tracks, the divine response of unconditional love on others. The band worked very hard on the debut album to produce a musical offering with songs that speak to the spiritual side of the listener, to to create good, solid and grounding music that resonates in the soul. Because God is Love, and…  Love is Here.