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Hear Ye Hear Ye… New CD ‘Love is Here’



March 3, 2009 – Elfenworks is excited to announce the new group Commodore Callahan and their debut album Love is Here, which will be available through CD Baby on xx, 2009. Described as ‘new-thought, upbeat spiritual music with a timeless retro/gospel/R&B feel,’ each track was composed with the ideals of keeping hope through challenge, finding compassion and synchronicity in difference, and seeking out love, peace, and spirituality. Tammy Hall’s powerful piano drives the band and the multiple voices of Commodore Callahan and guest singers are earthy, soulful, and inspiring. In chorus with the vision of the group’s members, several of the album’s 11 tracks are dedicated to non‐governmental organizations (NGOs) that promote social change through the betterment of communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond. Some of the songs are connected to larger projects that work to change the world for the better:

  • “Garden in my Soul” is dedicated to Boys Hope Girls Hope as well as to the soulful civil rights performer Odetta. A music video for children and the young at heart, featuring ASL is embedded here, for your enjoyment:
  • “Voices Home,” is dedicated to The Carter Center (cartercenter.org) and speaks to the concept that beneath skin-deep differences and beyond the language barriers, all of us share common hopes, dreams and yearnings. Visit ministrants.com for over 70 different versions, plus ways to use the piece as part of a hope-raising event.
  • “Resurrection” is dedicated to Peter Young (and his Housing Industries and Treatement) whose innovative approach has proven for 50 years that it’s never too late for resurrection. For over half a century, Father Peter Young has helped inmates and parolees overcome their addictions. Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment (PYHIT) evolved out of Fr. Young’s firm belief that effective recovery is only possible if treatment is followed up with housing and jobs training. The music video aired as part of a fundraiser telethon for Peter Young Housing Industry and Treatment (PYHIT.com), has received honorable mention at the Awareness Festival in Santa Monica, California.  
  • “In Canada (No One’s Poor),” was inspired by a story that takes place in Calgary, Canada—a sparkly gem of a city with a homelessness problem. The story is of a young woman who found a Christmas dinner at her front door, but her boyfriend’s mother didn’t believe such a story could be true in Canada, because the sort of poverty that would inspire such charity is only found in the USA.

These songs and others were performed live at a fundraiser for Boys Hope Girls Hope on June 4th  2009 during the BHGH gala graduation celebration and fundraiser. Funds generated by the performance and any sales that evening directly benefited the San Francisco chapter of the national organization Boys Hope Girls Hope.  For feedback, see our Commodore Callahan Feedback page. For interviews: use our contact page.

About Commodore Callahan

About Commodore Callahan – Commodore Callahan features Tammy Hall on piano and vocals, Don Kane on bass, vocals and clarinet,  Lauren Speeth on vocals and backup instruments, and Josh Workman on guitar and vocals. Bay Area mainstays and friends for decades, their bond informs the cohesiveness of their instruments and dynamics of their compositions. Their passion for hope and change is palpable to the ear.  Online at http://commodorecallahan.com.

About Elfenworks Productions, LLC

About Elfenworks Productions, LLC – Elfenworks Productions is a multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision. Our projects – whether in-house or at the service of visionary clients – range from soothing & nourishing the senses to capturing & celebrating the moment to imagining the possible. Our creative, professional team of storytellers in all genres puts communication at the service of the greater good, “bringing light to what is right.” Online at https://elfenworksproductions.com/