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Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood

In our earliest days, when we were still known as LMSWebdesign, we worked with American Zoetrope and director Christopher Speeth to produce a DVD from the 1970s classic horror movie Malatesta’s Carnival. We also developed a website, DVD artwork, and press kit for the director.

About the Film

Yes it’s back — that ’70s horror cult classic Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood! Considered a lost film for almost thirty years, Malatesta’s Carnival prints had all disappeared following initial distribution in the Southern Drive-In Circuit. Interest in many of the stars, especially Hervé de Villachaize, has kept interest in the film alive. A few months ago a single print was discovered in an attic. It was taken to the American Zoetrope Studios for mastering to DVD, and went on to win the coveted Grandma’s Attic award at the Eerie Horror Film Festival! It is now available for purchase online at Amazon.com, XploitedCinema.com, and DiabolikDVD.com.

This film is seeking international distribution, and is available for purchase online.  The horror film’s website includes the latest news: www.malatestascarnival.com.