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Nelly Baumb

Nelly Baumb is a master Office Manager, and has managed our office to peak efficiency. She oversees all aspects of the office – and she doesn’t let go of a problem until it is resolved. At the same time, she brings a joy and light to the office that make us all want to come in, and greet the day. A great office manager knows the quirks of all the team – and that’s not easy, when the team comprises elves in an elfenworkshop.

Nelly handles office management with such aplomb, it was clear that she could tackle more. She is now the Project Manager for The Breathing Butterfly project. Elfenworks Productions LLC manages the software development for that project, and licenses the app to The Elfenworks Foundation. The Release 2.0 Project Management is being spearheaded in 2018 by Ms. Baumb, in concert with the developers, Tip-Tok.