NHM Ministrants

ministrants-header-001NHM Ministrants provides digital resources for healing, hope and harmony. Dedicated to the premise that all who are called, are called to be healers, we aim to help spiritual leaders be more effective healers – whether as social entrepreneurs or servant leaders advocating on behalf of the easily marginalized, forgotten and left behind. Our offerings are inspired by Jesus’ admonitions regarding loving kindness, radical solidarity, open-armed kinship and non-judgmental servant leadership. A division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC, “Beyond Film & Music,” at www.elfenworksproductions.com.  Find out more at www.ministrants.com.

NHM Ministrants is for you…

  • Peacemakers… Check out our internationally flavored multi-lingual video The Lord’s Prayer offerings and the “how to” section on holding a peace-raising event based around The Lord’s Prayer or based around other songs, such as The Elfenworks Foundation’s For Our Time peace-raising song.
  • Chaplains…  looking for a new tool for spiritual assessment?  Try the Spiritual-Holistic Inquiry Process (SHIP, for short), and you’ll be in SHIP shape.
  • Changemakers… Learn and apply a methodology known as the Seven Pillars, and grow your effectiveness.
  • Youth ministers…  Enjoy “Pastor Fish” kids songs and stories, in English and Spanish, with free app.  Russian and Ukrainian in the works.
  • Music Directors… Look for features just for you, including tips on designing a space for acoustics, and instructions on performing a praise dance.
  • Educators… As you lift up the next generation, we’re here to help. We offer you a wealth of materials, providing a deep background and framework for your teaching, even including a ten-segment class useful schools of religious study.

Looking to the wisdom of the physician healer tradition, including The Hippocratic Oath, NHM Ministrants moves beyond “first, do no harm” to take an active, interventionist approach.  After all, there are many ways to bring healing and hope in this troubled world.  Check it out!ministrants-footer-004