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Our Intro Reel (Bumper)

Our Bumper

At the beginning of documentary films, there is traditionally an animation or short film that contains the studio’s trademark, logo, and theme, which is known as a bumper.

When designing ours, what we wanted was a bumper which related strongly to the name and logo, while at the same time conveying the concept of nurturing someone’s art and making it shine. It also works with The Elfenworks Foundation’s of shining a light on the great work done by visionary partners for change, so we licensed it to The Elfenworks Foundation and it can be seen at the beginning of the film A Concert for Hope (a concert that was produced in partnership with Stanford University).

The Animation

Our bumper was animated by master animator Tim Schaller. In our animation, our elf opens her hands to reveal a glowing light. As she spreads her magic a pool of soft light grows, eventually becoming the Elfenworks Foundation’s logo.

The Audio

As a music-oriented company, we felt we needed a memorable theme for our bumper. Our theme was written for us by jazz violin virtuoso / composer Jeremy Cohen, whose website we supported for many years. It was recorded at Boomtown Studios in Sausalito, California. Daryl Frame was the audio engineer of the project, which featured:

  • Jeremy Cohen, violin / viola
  • Lauren Speeth, violin II
  • Marika Hughes, ‘cello
  • Gabriel Cohen, french horn
  • Andrea Liguori, piano

The Final Result

Our bumper is best viewed full-screen preceding any DVD feature. The mediaclip you see here is compressed for the web. Since it is still rather large, it may require patience to watch online. We hope you enjoyed learning a little about the background to our bumper, and it brings you as much pleasure as it brings us.