NHM Ministrants

NHM Ministrants is a division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC, with a wealth of online resources primarily catering to the Christian community. All the resources below are also available at www.ministrants.com.  

The Pastor Fish Radio Hour
A fun and whimsical presentation of Gospel songs and stories for children and the young at heart. Featuring Pastor Fish and a “Sunday School of fish”. Available on a CD and online for your listening pleasure... a growing body of resources available online at ministrants.com/pastorfish.
Pastora Pez (Spanish Pastor Fish)
A fun and whimsical presentation of Gospel songs and stories for children and the young at heart, in a children’s radio show format complete with fun “commercials” and jingles, weather and even traffic. Now, in Spanish!
NHM Ministrants
We maintain this Center in order to provide digital inspiration and online resources for the ministry of healing, hope and harmony. The Center offers tools for many constituents, including peacemakers, youth ministers, music directors, chaplains, and students.
Steps Along the Path Podcast
Now underway: a new podcast series, entitled "Steps Along the Healer's Path." Eventually to be hosted on iTunes and other podcast hosts, it currently now is being populated on our Vimeo platform.
The Healer’s Path Class
An online course for ministrants walking a healer's path, with over five hours of all-original online video-based content, video notes, a textbook, and supplementary materials.
Lord’s Prayer DVD: The Voices Home Project
This project seeks to offer aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of The Lord’s Prayer in as many languages as possible, plus learning tools and a how-to for a peace event around this prayer. A DVD includes an abundance of resources you'll also find online at ministrants.com/lordsprayer.