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The Pastor Fish Radio Hour

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A fun and whimsical presentation of biblical songs and stories for children and the young at heart…  Featuring Pastor Fish and a “Sunday School of fish.”  Multi-lingual CD options, a *FREE APP*  and online for your listening pleasure [visit our store ] and with a growing body of educational resources as well. Great for youth ministers and caring adults, but suitable for anyone with a sense of joy and adventure.  Also online, teacher resources including coloring book pages featuring these lovable sea characters. Check it out at www.ministrants.com/pastorfish.


This children’s radio show format is complete with fun “commercials” and jingles, weather and even traffic.  Meet Pastor Fish, Barnea Barnacle, and Wigbert the Whale as you listen and learn about parables and stories from the entire Bible.  Our first CD offering, the Pastor Fish Radio Hour, is packed full of fun, including:

  • The Story of Creation, Noah, Jonah, The Red Sea, David & Goliath.
  • Learn about Christmas and Easter.
  • Enjoy The Loaves & Fishes, and The Lord’s Prayer.  
  • Follow Jesus’ Parables of The Unforgiving Servant and The Good Samaritan.
  • Explore The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes. 
  • Gain support and encouragement in life’s tough moments. 
  • Sing along with delightful children’s songs, for hours of musical fun.

Makes a great Christmas or birthday gift!   Albums available here.   Check out all the resources on the detail pages at www.ministrants.com/pastorfish. Here’s the English version, for a reference, but be sure to check out the Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish, below it, too!




  • Original Songs & Adapted Stories, & Voice of Pastor Fish
Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth
  • Original Song Music Arrangement, Guitar, and Accompanying Synth Instruments
Josh Workman
  • Lead Vocals – Song: It’s Okay to Feel Sad  
Jennifer Thomas
  • Lead Vocals – Song: Loaves & Fishes; Sing it Out Loud
Josh Workman
  • Lead Vocals – Song: Our Father (The Lord’s Prayer)
Kelly Shaw
  • Lead Vocals – Songs: Pastor Fish Theme, Radio Frequen-Sea 880;
    When the Lord Says, “Go!” 
Lauren Speeth
  • Lead Vocals – Song: The Number Three
Kelly Shaw, Lauren Speeth, Josh Workman
  • Backup Singers
Don Kane, Kelly Shaw, Lauren Speeth, Josh Workman
  • Male Narrator 
Josh Workman
  • Voices of Minnows
Cherry Ordoñez, Kelly Shaw, Nicole Vigil
  • Voice of Chaplain Snail
Nicole Vigil
  • Clarinet
Don Kane
  • Sound Recording, Mixing
Lauren Speeth, John Watkins, Josh Workman
  • Mastering
John Watkins
  • English Recorded At
Elfenworks Productions Studios, Burlingame, CA
  • Artwork
Michael Dalling
  • First Draft Spanish Translation
Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth
  • Final Spanish Translation
Dr. Frances Sweeney, Professor of Spanish Linguistics, Chair of Dept. of World Languages & Cultures & Chair of  Core Curriculum Committee at St. Mary’s College of California
  • Lead Vocals (all songs) – Spanish
Carmen Milagro 
  • Voice of Pastora Pez 
Ana Serrano
  • Male Narrator – Spanish
Alberto Montes De Oca
  • Voices of Minnows – Spanish
Nelly A. Baumb, Nelly M. Baumb, Alberto Montes De Oca, Lauren Speeth
  • Backup Vocals – Spanish Songs
Devon Filo, Don Kane, Kelly Shaw, Lauren Speeth
  • Spanish Recorded At
Elfenworks Productions Studios, San Mateo, CA
  • Sound Recording
Don Kane, Josh Workman – English and Spanish
  • Field Recording – Spanish
Nelly M. Baumb, Lauren Speeth
  • Mastering
John Watkins
  • App Concept, and Detailed Requirements Development
Lauren Speeth and Team, Elfenworks Productions, LLC
  • App Development and Implementation
Niilo Tippler and Chris Tokunaga, Tip-Tok
  • App Project Manager
Kelly Shaw
  • App QA Test Analyst
Devon Filo
    Translations, Voices of Pastor Fish and Minnows – Ukrainian & Russian 
Dr. Tania Andrienko, Professor of International Studies, Taras Schevchenko University, Kiev
  • Male Narrator – Ukrainian & Russian 
Dr. Vladimir Genin
  • Lead & Backup Vocals (Songs) – Ukrainian & Russian  
Natalia Susoeff
  • “Radio Frequen-Sea” Jingle – Ukrainian & Russian 
Pastor Nina Zygarewicz
  • Recorded at
Recorded in California. Song vocals recorded in Los Angeles, with all other material recorded at Elfenworks Productions Studios.
  • Sound Recording
Don Kane, John Watkins
  • Mixing
Lauren Speeth, John Watkins
  • Mastering
John Watkins
  • CD Artwork
Mike Dalling, with updated Pastor Fish image from Niilo Tippler and Chris Tokunaga


We hope you’ll enjoy this gentle, upbeat offering, and will support our work by downloading the app, buying the CDs, and spreading the word. Thank you so very much!