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Press Release: Chinese-Language Edition Available


Social Entrepreneurship Shines Brighter in China

Seven Pillars Now in Print and Available

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October 23, 2016 – In an ongoing effort to bolster the nascent field of social entrepreneurship worldwide, and working in partnership with China Society Press, Elfenworks today announced the Chinese-Language Edition of Intelligence & Compassion in Action, The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs, a book by Lauren Speeth, MBA, DBA, DMin.

“It’s an honor to have this work embraced by China Society Press,” said Speeth, adding, “Together, Elfenworks Productions and China Society Press can foster excellence in this field. I know this will be a fruitful partnership.”   Last year’s visit to China inaugurated a partnership between Elfenworks Productions, LLC, The Elfenworks Foundation, and College of Urban Economics and Public Administration at Capital University of Economics & Business (CUEB) fostering student social entrepreneurs, who can now compete for an Elfenworks “Star of Hope” scholarship and join the CUEB Youth Social Entrepreneurship Association competition. For details and photos, see elfenworks.org/china.

The book is now in use by students at CUEB, and Speeth’s methodology has been featured on CRI (China Radio International, with host Zhou  Heyang), local television, People.cn, China Youth Net, and China Central Television, on the CCTV feature series “Public Power” with host Meng Shengnan, where Author Speeth was joined by student audience, discussing the methodology for social entrepreneurship outlined in Speeth’s book.  Students had already learned the basics and received a pre-release version of the book at Speeth’s CUEB lecture, earlier in the China trip. The CCTV interview has aired worldwide on CCTV Outlook Channel (中央电视台发现之旅频道) and is titled “A Foreign Visitor’s Spirit of Serving the Public Good ” (一位外国来者的公益情怀).  

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