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Press Release: New Lord’s Prayer DVD Available for Purchase


New Lord’s Prayer DVD
40+ Recitations, Dozens of Unique Languages, Song Versions, Bonus Features

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August 24, 2015 – Elfenworks Productions, LLC announced today the release of their DVD “Voices Home, The Lord’s Prayer.” The DVD includes more than 40 recitations of the Lord’s Prayer in various languages and dialects. This is the first DVD release in an ongoing effort to build bridges using the Lord’s Prayer in translation. The project is a collaboration of the Elfenworks team with friends and family, near and far — bringing everyone together to share in this common goal.

To experience this prayer in such diversity is to encounter our common humanity. And with this tool at your fingertips, you will not only delve deeper, you’ll have just the tool you need to create your own rich, multicultural peace-with-prayer event. “This is the first and important step in a larger dream,” said director/producer Lauren Speeth, adding, “I sometimes wonder, what would happen if we were to offer versions of this poignant, joyous message in every language and dialect in the world?” Featuring dozens of languages and dialects already, this DVD is a smorgasbord, with translations from every continent, as well as text-message, Morse code, American Sign Language, and Klingon versions that you won’t find anywhere else. You can have your fill, and come back for seconds, because it makes a great gift, too!

You’ll use this DVD as a resource to communicate one of the most beloved prayers in a variety of languages, but also to foster a spirit of healing, harmony, and hope. “Our hope is that the DVD reflects an attitude we follow here at Elfenworks Productions, an attitude of community, outreach, and love,” added Kelly Franklin, press liaison for the release. “We hope it brings joy and happiness to our fans.” The DVD comes fast on the heels of an award-winning movie on going green, which followed our 3-D documentary Ireland, The Celtic Way, winner of Best 3D Documentary at the prestigious 3D Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Whether you are looking for the Lord’s Prayer in your native tongue or you are a Star Trek fan looking for a bit of whimsical fun, the DVD offers a new opportunity for individuals to enjoy the Lord’s Prayer in a multitude of languages. The DVD is now available for purchase on the Elfenworks Productions website, www.elfenworksproductions.com/store.

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