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Press Release: Ribbons and Bows Launch at Orchestra Fundraiser

Podcast Launch on Women in Violin History to Benefit Women’s Orchestra 

San Mateo, California – June 1, 2018, Elfenworks Productions, LLC is pleased to announce for your listening pleasure a Benefit Soiree on June 10th, 3-6pm. You are invited to the Piedmont Center for the Arts, where together we will celebrate women violinists, the Community Women’s Orchestra, and the pioneering spirit.  Yes, it’s the launch of our long-awaited Ribbons & Bows podcast on American Women in Violin History, at the Benefit Soiree for the Community Women’s Orchestra.  Attendees will enjoy chamber music performances drawn from classical French repertoire and performed by members and friends of Community Women’s Orchestra, an auction including a chance to win a trip to the South of France, and delicious French hors d’oeuvres and sweets.
Benefit Soiree and Launch of Ribbons and Bows

“It’s the perfect partnership,” opined Project Manager Kelly Shaw, who first approached the orchestra about the concept. Like wine and cheese, this podcast and this orchestra just seemed to be the perfect pairing.”  The leaders of the CWO agree, and are looking forward to inviting the community to this heartwarming and memorable event.   

About the Podcast
A girl, play violin? Not too long ago, it just wasn’t done. These women did it. Then, they disappeared. Their stories just weren’t being told… until now! This new podcast series – Ribbons & Bows ~ American Women in Violin History – takes a trip down memory lane, to meet the early pioneering women and fair minded men who helped shape today’s robust violin scene. Ten years in the making, Ribbons and Bows shares share the stories of dozens of pioneering American women braved the violin scene, changing the landscape for those who followed. You’ll love these brave and beautiful souls, and you’ll feel what it was like for them when little girls were not encouraged to play violin. After all, who among us hasn’t felt like the odd one out, the person interested in trying something different, in going where they didn’t exactly fit in? Sign up for the podcast now at your favorite podcast server, check out our online educational resources on each podcast episode, and look for the downloadable CD release coming soon!   Media contact: Kelly Shaw, kelly.shaw [at ] elfenworksproductions [dot] com.

About the Community Women’s Orchestra
The Community Women’s Orchestra  was founded as a community adjunct to the professional Women’s Philharmonic. Although the Women’s Philharmonic disbanded in 2004, the orchestra continues to grow and flourish as an independent organization. In the past 31 years, it has grown from the original six-member ensemble to more than sixty members. It has collaborated with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, including multiple performances at Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, Brava Theater, touring to Santa Rosa and Miami, Florida, and CD and DVD recordings. The orchestra has also been responsible for numerous regional, national, and world premieres of works by female composers, among other fine works.   http://www.communitywomensorchestra.org/ 

About Elfenworks Productions LLC
Elfenworks Productions, LLC is a multimedia production company specializing in positive storytelling with a pro-social vision. Whether soothing and nourishing the senses, exploring important untold stories, fostering learning, or helping redefine the landscape of possibilities, the common element is to inspire and uplift, “bringing light to what is right.” Believing it is possible to do well while doing good, this creative, professional team of storytellers brings expertise, integrity, intelligence and insight to bear on every effort, be it a film, song, app, book, podcast, animation, or whatever’s next. http://www.elfenworksproductions.com.