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Press Release: Climate Reali-Tea Gains Steam in Second Year



San Mateo, California – November 26, 2018, Elfenworks Productions, LLC is delighted to announce our second Annual “Climate Reali-Tea” that will take place on Tuesday, December 4th. Local green businesses, civic leaders and nonprofits have been invited to participate and the community is welcome to join us.

Watch the wrap-up of former Vice President Al Gore’s “24-Hours of Reality” Broadcast; meet the Mayor of San Mateo; hear inspiring stories of political, business, and personal activism from a panel of experts including Lauren Speeth, Mayor Rick Bonilla, and Rachelle Carson; and, most importantly, learn easy ways that you can swiftly begin to make a healing impact on the planet. An afternoon tea service including appetizers and desserts will be on hand. It promises to be an enjoyable afternoon at our Silver, LEED-Certified building.

About The Reali-Tea

This year’s event marks the second “Climate Reali-Tea” held at Elfenworks Productions, LLC. The Climate Reali-Tea was initially launched in 2017, after two members of our team attended Climate Reality Leadership training in Pittsburgh. This year our group gained another Reality Leader, Tobi James, who trained with the 2018 class in Los Angeles and will spear head the planning committee for this year’s Reali-tea.

Each year, an expanding and changing list of local green businesses, civic leaders and nonprofits are invited to participate, with a goal of bringing light to the issue that concerns us all (the reality of climate change) in a way that inspires hope and action. Such events are one way that we build community together.

About Elfenworks Productions, LLC

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Event Coordinator: Tobi James, Elfenworks Productions, LLC
Email: Tobi (dot) James (at)  elfenworksproductions.com