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Thank you, Sedona! [Gallery]

Sedona Film Fest 2014

We are so very thankful you selected our documentary “What Green Can Be” – on going green in one little town, applicable to Anytown, USA – as an official selection for the 2014 Sedona International Film Festival. [Press Release We had a wonderful, unforgettable time. Our hosts treated us so very graciously, it was like a desert version of Aloha.  The festival’s over two hundred volunteers made sure every aspect ran smoothly and left no need unmet.  Our film was screened twice as part of the Sustainable Film Series / Sedona Green  programming, and was paired with the wonderful green documentary, Bringing It Home.  We were honored to take part in a festival that encouraged guests to recycle, made conscious choices about products used, and operated as greenly as possible.  Even the town had green features (and a building code that blends the buildings with the surroundings), plus we noticed a number of PSAs about sustainability on the public access channel.

Although the films were all very compelling, we did sneak away to take in the breathtaking views from Sugar Loaf and Airport Loop.  We also had time to fall in love with a few of the shops and restaurants. Our absolute favorite was The ChocolaTree Organic Eatery.  In one unforgettable moment, they turned up the volume on The Beatles, as they were playing in the background, just so we could all appreciate the message “And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Yes!  We love you, Sedona ! #sedonafilm