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Selected Recognition

Our thanks to the judges who have considered our offerings and selected them from among so many outstanding possibilities. We are so grateful for your vote of confidence.  The accolades below are divided by area – film, books, music, and historic (10+ years old). Some laurels are highlighted in bright orange, for emphasis, but all are greatly appreciated.  For full team list, visit the detail pages.


Exploring Hope for Better Times [Documentary Feature – 2018] =details= Team: A film by Lauren Speeth. Assistant Director, Kelly Madsen Shaw. Feat: The Miners for Hope, footage from Elfenworks Foundation archives, and “Gems of Wisdom” from all over the world. Cinematography: Tim Schaller, John Watkins, and Ehman Productions. Our Animated Logos: Tim Schaller. Film Editing, Animation, and Sound Design: Janice Rivera. Mixing and Mastering: John Watkins. Art Direction: Mike Dalling. Accolades: Winner – Best Host in a Documentary – Colorado International Activism Film Festival – July, 2018.  Winner – 4th Place in the Documentary Short Category – The International Indie Gathering – July, 2018. Winner – Best Documentary Feature & Best Woman Director – Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival – May, 2018.  Best Inspirational Film – Festigious International Film Festival – May, 2018.  Official Selection – Jamaica International Faith Film Festival – February/March 2019.   Excellence Award – Inspired Faith Film Festival – May 2019.  Award of Excellence – Depth of Field Film Festival – June 2019. 

Ireland, The Celtic Way [3D Feature – 2013]   =details= Team:  A film by Lauren Speeth.  Cinematography, Editing, and CGI graphics: Tim Schaller. Production Assistant: Kelly Madsen. Illustrations: Kale Barker, Tim Boxell, Mike Dalling, and Kelly Madsen. Art Direction: Mike Dalling. Stereo Photographs: Donal Murphy. Score and original Music: Josh Workman. Feat: Br. Ron Gallagher, FSC, Ph.D., Fr. Peter McVerry,  Nóirín Ní Riain, Seán Ó Duinn. Technical Advisor: Elyssa Davalos. Sound Editor / Mastering: John Watkins. Accolades: Official Selection & Accolades Christian Film Festival in Newport News, VA, and the Christian Online Film Festival, accolades including: Best Educational Film, Best Documentary, Best Producer (Lauren Speeth); Best Cinematography (Tim Schaller, Donal Murphy); Best Artwork (Mike Dalling, Kelly Madsen, Tim Boxell, Kale Barker); Inspire Award (Elyssa Davalos, Ronald Galagher, Peter McVerry, Nóirín Ní Riain, Seán Ó Duinn, Christopher Speeth). Best Documentary, Official Selection, and Screening – The Los Angeles 3D Film Festival (LA 3DFF).  Selected for Screening at the SF Irish Cultural Center and at St. Mary’s College of California.

What Green Can Be  [Documentary Short 2013]  =details= Team:  A film by Lauren Speeth. Editing and Animations: Janice Rivera.  Cinematography: Kelly Madsen, Janice Rivera, Tim Schaller, Lauren Speeth. Score and original music: Josh Workman. Art Direction: Mike Dalling. Historic Earth Day Footage courtesy Christopher Speeth. Additional Photography: Mike Dalling, Ryan Paul. Feat: Michael Brownrigg, Melina Copass, Tony Tam, others. For full credits, see film ending. Accolades: Official Selection and Screening – Sedona Film Festival Sedona Green – 2014.   (screening 2/27/14 1:00 p.m. & 3/1/14 6:00 p.m.). Selected for Airing – Marin TV 12/16/13 at 7:00 p.m. & 12/21/13 5:30 p.m. Winner – Davey Award (Silver).

A Concert for Hope [Documentary Feature – 2009] =details= Team: A release from The Elfenworks Foundation in which team members of Elfenworks Productions LLC were involved including director/producer Lauren Speeth, cinematographer/animator/editor Tim Schaller, and bassist Don Kane. Publicist: Cristina Parvu.  Accolades: Official Selection and Silver Lei Award, Hawaii International Film Festival (Honolulu HI); Official Selection, Reel Festival for Women (Los Angeles CA); Screening, Sunset on The Beach (Waikiki HI).

Journey Along the Healers’ Path [Video-based Class,  originally developed in 2015, launched on Udemy.com in 2019] =details= Team: Author/Director/Narrator: Lauren Speeth.  Editing and Animation: Janice Rivera. Art Direction: Mike Dalling.  Accolades:  21st Annual Communicator Awards of Distinction for Online Video and for Webinar -2015.  

Thread for Pearls 3D Promo  [44-second Promo Short – 2018] =details= Team: Writer: Lauren Speeth.  3D, Editing, Animation,  Motion Graphics, and Effects: Tim Schaller. Narrator: Janice Rivera.  Original score and performance: Josh Workman.  Historic Protest Footage courtesy Christopher Speeth. Accolades: Under Submission










Thread for Pearls, A Story of Resilient Hope [Novel – 2018] =details= Team: Editing:  Lisa Watson and Marian Sprague. Art Direction and Production Aspects: Mike Dalling. A work of historical fiction, written by Lauren Speeth. Finalist, Women’s Fiction Category at the Beverly Hills Book Awards [Beverly Hills Book Awards and Award Winning Finalist – Women’s Lit Category, 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book FestHighly recommended and “Captivating from cover to cover.” –  Midwest Book Review.  Best Reviewed Books of June & IndieReader Approved (4.2 Stars)– Joshua Patton, IndieReader.  More Reviews: “A great story with a main character readers will feel close to.” ‘“An incredible read. Speeth captures the intrigue and drama of the times, and sets them in the personal life of the fascinating Fiona.” – Jay Beck, The Carter Center. “Speeth’s wit reminds one of a GK Chesterton, and her descriptive writing and the joy embedded in it have been a delight. I suspect that the Spirit of Jesus hovers in and around these pages.” — Rev. Dr. Randy White, Center for Community Transformation, Fresno Pacific University.  “Not since my childhood reading of Maya Angelou’s ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ have I been so moved by a coming of age story.  Speeth’s tale reads as a history lesson as much as a heroine’s perilous journey to adulthood.” — Cristina Parvu, Parvu PR. “Speeth’s narrative fits well into the ever-relevant tradition of Bildungsroman.” — Dr. Elisabeth Siekhaus, Professor Emerita, Mills College. Journeying with Fiona through a landscape so breathtakingly fresh and clear, I found myself transported back, my own memories reawakened. Cheering her on, I didn’t want it to end. Bring on the sequel!” — Carol Anderson, Carol Anderson Design.

Intelligence & Compassion in Action – The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs [2012] =details= Team: Author: Lauren Speeth. Editor: Lisa Watson. Graphic Design and Production: Mike Dalling.  Various translators (Arabic, Chinese, Korean,  Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian) – see detail pages. Accolades:  Winner – Living Now Books Award Gold – 2014. Recommended Read – US Review of Books – 2014. 

eMinistry: Virtual Pathways for Spiritual Leadership: Taking Evangelism into the Cyber Frontier [self-help / textbook – 2013] =details= Team: Author: Lauren Speeth. Editor: Sheri Davenport. Graphic Design and Production: Mike Dalling. Accolades:   eLit Award Gold in the category of Religion (Eastern / Western). Christian Book Award Winner (Gold).


The Breathing Butterfly – A Project of The Elfenworks Foundation [Stress-buster] =details= Team: Concept, Script, and Butterfly Song: Lauren Speeth.  Developers: Niilo Tippler & Chris Tokunaga, Tip-Tok.  Original Design: Mike Dalling. Sound Recording, Original Music, Mixing, Mastering, Guitar: Josh Workman. Project Manager: Nelly Baumb.  SQA: Devon Filo. For full credits, including translations, see project detail page.  Accolades:  under submission. 

Pastor Fish [Bible Basics for the Young at Heart] =details= Team: Concept, Script, and Voice of Pastor Fish: Lauren Speeth.  Developers: Niilo Tippler & Chris Tokunaga, Tip-Tok.  Original Design: Mike Dalling. Music,  Sound Recording, Audio Mixing, Mastering: Josh Workman. Music Performance: Commodore Callahan Band.  Project Manager: Kelly Shaw. SQA: Devon Filo. For full credits, including translations, see project detail page. Accolades:  under submission.


Ribbons & Bows, American Women in Violin History [Podcast – 2018] =details= Team: Writer: Lauren Speeth. Project Manager: Kelly Shaw. Research: Devon Filo. Male VOs: Mike Dalling, Don Kane, Josh Workman.  Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Josh Workman.  For additional credits visit project detail page or tune in to the podcast.  Accolades:  Selected for feature at Gala Opening for the Community Women’s Orchestra Soiree – June 10, 2018.  

Rejuve I & II (Soothing Music CD Releases) =details= Team: Commodore Callahan Band.  Lauren Speeth, Producer. For Rejuve II, features Don Kane (clarinet), Josh Workman (guitar), and others. See detail page for full credits.  Accolades: Rejuve I was Editor’s Pick, Body & Soul Magazine –  “On the transporting CD Rejuve, jazz pianist Tammy Hall breaks from the tradition of performing covers and plays mesmerizing songs she composed with the express intention of helping listeners recuperate from illness.” – July, 2007. Both CDs have been used as fundraisers/giveaways by various nonprofits, including the Greater Bay Area Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Package of Prevention, and UCSF’s Springer Laboratory.

Love is Here [Music CD with Music Videos, 2009-2011] =details=Team:  Features the band Commodore Callahan, with Linda Tillery, vocals. Audio Mixing/Mastering: Stephen Hart. Lyrics: Lauren Speeth.  Music: Tammy Hall, Don Kane, Lauren Speeth, Josh Workman. Art Direction: Mike Dalling. See CD liner notes for full credits. Music Videos include:  

  • Garden in my Soul [Music Video – 2010]  =details= Team: Directed by: Lauren Speeth. Editing/ animation: Janice Rivera. Sign Language: Barry Nickelsberg. Art Direction: Mike Dalling.  Mike Dalling, Janice Rivera. 
  • Resurrection – Praise Dance Version [Documentary Short – 2011] =details= Team:  Cinematography: Jennifer Thomas. Dance, Choreography: Rena Guidry. Lead Vocals: Linda Tillery. Mastering: John Watkins.   
  • Resurrection Music Video [Music Video – 2010]  =details= Team:  Cinematography: Kelly Seldan. Editing/Animation: Jules Marino. Accolades: Aired as part of a fundraiser telethon for Peter Young Housing Industry and Treatment (PYHIT.com). Official Selection and Honorable Mention at the Awareness Festival in Santa Monica, California.
  • Voices Home [Music Video, 70+ International Versions – ongoing] =details | website.= Team: Editing: Janice Rivera. For full credits and accolades, see detail page.


Rough Justice [Music Video – 2009] =details= Team:  A film by Lauren Speeth. Lyrics: Lauren Speeth. Music Josh Workman.  Cinematography: Mike Dalling, Lauren Speeth, Ken Tam. Photography: Sheila Price, Ken Tam, Janice Rivera.  Commodore Callahan Stills Courtesy Boys Hope Girls Hope San Francisco.  Barbed Wire as Sheet Music Animation: Mike Dalling. Editing: Janice Rivera.  Studio recording, San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, September 2009. Band: Commodore Callahan (Alison Lewis, lead vocals backed up by Josh Workman and Lauren Speeth. Josh Workman, guitar, synth. Don Kane, bass). Mixing: Josh Workman and John Watkins. Mastering: John Watkins. Accolades: Official Selection & Screening, Colorado International Activism Film Festival, July, 2018.

Such a Crime [Music Video – 2010] =details= Team: Commodore Callahan Band. See detail page for full credits.  Accolades: Summit Creative Award – 2010. 


wovenpathways.com [homeopathy-centered web presence – 2018]  =details | websiteTeam: Lauren Speeth, Mike Dalling. Accolades: under submission. 

ministrants.com [formerly The Center for Nonharming Ministries, online] =details | websiteTeam:  Project Manager: Kelly Shaw. Graphic Design: Mike Dalling. Copywriting & Concept: Lauren Speeth. Accolades:  W3 Award Gold for Religion & Spirituality. W3 Award Silver for Copy / Writing – 2013. Summit Creative Award Bronze – 2010.


We began as a boutique webdesign house, specializing in classical and jazz musicians of the highest caliber, and musical organizations, and since this was unique at the time. Our musicians garnered coverage for “taking to the web” in Gramophone, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, SF Chronicle, SJ Mercury News and others in 2001.  One of our earliest efforts, for a classical violinist of great note, was highlighted as featured/cool link by CDNow, Searchbeat, and others.  Having stuck around like a rock since the early days, we’ve gathered some moss: 30+ web awards including: For UQ-media.com – Silver W3 award for Web Creativity – 2009; For JesusSangha.com – Silver W3 award for Web Creativity – 2009; Silver Davey award – 2009; For BettyHaag.com – Golden Web Award – 2003-4; For Violinjazz.com – Platinum Web Award – 2002-3; For LMSWebdesign.com – Platinum Web Award – 2002-3; Millennium 2000 Choice Site – 2000; For ErickFriedman.com – Golden Web Award – 2002-3; Internet Excellence Award (2002); For ElissaLeeKoljonen.com – Golden Web Award – 2002-3; For VoxCD.com – Golden Web Award – 2002-3; Millennium 2000 Choice Site – 2000; Informative Music Site Award – 1999; For TheTerpinGroup.com – Golden Web Award – 2001-2; For AaronRosand.com – Golden Web Award – 2001-2; Millennium 2000 Choice Site – 2000; Informative Music Site Award – 1999.  The following early music-related efforts were undertaken at the service of our clients: 

  • Violins & Cigars, Aaron Rosand at 80 [Documentary Short – 2007] =details=  Team: Director/Producer: Lauren Speeth. Cinematography: Andrew Zappin. Editing and Nature Footage: Tim Schaller. Accolades: Screening – The Curtis Institute of Music. Telly Award for Film/Video. 
  • QSF Látigo Team [Client CD – 2006] =details= This was a project of Jeremy Cohen’s Quartet San Francisco. Lauren Speeth was the Executive Producer. Accolades: Grammy Nominee.
  • Aaron Rosand in Norway (2-CD Set) [Client CD – 2006]  =detailsTeam:  Executive Producer: Lauren Speeth. Publicist: Cristina Parvu. Feat. Aaron Rosand. Accolades: JPF Music Award for Best Classical Concerto Album.
  • Reflections [Documentary Short – 2006] =detailsTeam: Producer/Director: Lauren Speeth. Editor: Tim Schaller.  Publicist: Cristina Parvu. Feat: Tammy Hall. Accolades: Best International Documentary Short & Official Selection, Calgary Fringe Festival (Canada). Best Jazz Short & Best Music Video & Official Selection & Screening, The Indie Gathering (Cleveland OH). Official Selections with Screenings at the following Film Festivals: Mendocino Film Festival (Mendocino CA); Ybor Festival of the Moving Image (Tampa FL); Globians World and Culture Documentary Film Festival (Potsdam Germany); Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary’s Ocean Film Festival (Savannah GA); Black Earth (Gaelsburg IL); and the Reel Women Film Festival (Los Angeles CA). The film garnered Telly Awards for Entertainment, Music/Concert Video, Use of Special Effects, and Art Direction, and Summit Creative Award for Best Music Video.  Footage has aired on Bay Area Focus with Susan Sikora on KBHK/UPN TV. And finally, the DVD was chosen as a Featured Thank-You Gift in KCSM 91.1’s member pledge-drive.  
  • Jeremy Cohen & Friends Celebrate Joe Venuti [Live Performance Video – 2005] =detailsTeam: Producer/Director: Lauren Speeth. Editor: Tim Schaller. Feat: Jeremy Cohen’s Quartet San Francisco, Paul Anastasio, Larry Dunlap, Jim Kerwin, Paul Mehling, Robert Young. Sound: Stephen Hart. Publicist: Cristina Parvu. Accolades: Official Selection and Screening – Globians Film Festival in Potsdam, Germany. Segments were featured at the Tiburon International Film Festival 2005 opening gala. Third Place winner for Best Live Performance Video, JPF Awards. Davey Gold for Artistic Excellence in Entertainment. 
  • Aaron Rosand Live at Mills College [Live Performance Video – 2005] =detailsTeam: Producer/Director: Lauren Speeth. Assistant Director/Cinematographer: Dan Coplan. Editor: Tim Schaller. Publicist: Cristina Parvu. Feat: Aaron Rosand, Robert Koenig. Accolades: Official Selection and Screening – Globians Film Festival in Potsdam Germany.   Selections from the film have garnered over 80,000 online views and counting. 
  • Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood  [Vintage 1970s Horror Film Restoration Project] =detailsTeam: Director: Christopher Speeth. Executive Producer: Lauren Speeth. Publicist: Cristina Parvu. For original film credits, see IMDB. Accolades: Official Selection, Screening, & Winner “Grandma Gladys” Award for Best Vintage/Unearthed Feature, 2005 Eerie Horror Film Festival. 


Team members who manage or support our day-to-day operations — including  Vice President Ken Tam, Senior Accountant Connie Kwong, Office Manager Nellie Baumb, Copy Writer Marian Sprague, Executive Assistant Tobi James, and technologist Ryan Paul — deserve to share in the credit for our achievements. After all, they’re responsible for keeping our organization ship-shape and able to undertake such efforts.  

That’s all for now – but check back again for changes. Thanks once again for stopping by and slán go fóill (bye for now)…

-the elves