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A near-death experience in a car with her Mother; running from tear gas at a Vietnam War rally hand-in-hand with her Pop; a year in India learning side-by-side the country’s ‘untouchables;’ the highs and lows of living on a rural Pennsylvania commune…and all before Fiona Sprechelbach’s thirteenth birthday. 

Set during one of the most politically divisive eras in American history, Thread for Pearls is a coming of age tale that takes us on a young heroine’s journey to faith and freedom amidst a turbulent family dynamic. It’s a story of resilient hope that questions whether it’s the events of our lives that define us, or the thread on which we choose to string them. Read more…

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Social Entrepreneurship

*NOW AVAILABLE* Intelligence & Compassion in Action; The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs, a book by Lauren Speeth, MBA, DBA, DMin. Written as a tool to empower the aspiring social entrepreneur, this book expounds a new methodology, inspired by the wisdom of former President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter and informed by hands-on experience and interviews with outstanding social entrepreneurs. Available in English, Portuguese and Russian, with Chinese forthcoming presently and other translations in the works.



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Intelligence & Compassion in Action: The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs
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Inteligência E Compaixão Em Ação (Portuguese-Language Edition)
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интеллект и милосердие в действии (Russian-Language Edition)
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행동하는 지성과 연민
Intelligence & Compassion in Action (Korean-Language Edition)
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Now Available (in print) in China
Intelligence & Compassion in Action (Chinese-Language Edition)
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Practical Theology / Applied Religion / Ministry

Also available:  eMinistry, Visual Pathways for Spiritual Leadership.   Winner of the 2015 eLit GOLD book award in its category!  Being internet savvy is essential for spiritual leaders in today’s web-centered world. Now, a tool to help you communicate more effectively as you expand your online presence:



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eMinistry: Virtual Pathways for Spiritual Leadership
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Over three years in the making, and a winner of Best 3-D Documentary at Los Angeles’ prestigious 3-D Film Festival, Ireland The Celtic Way is now, finally, available to domestic addresses, from our own workshop directly. We appreciate your interest and patience! We’re trying an experiment with our other film festival hit, What Green Can Be, an official selection of the Second International Film Festival. We’re offering it free to educators and students through Kanopy (streaming service – see below), and we’re working on a tip jar feature (as tips are greatly appreciated!) Support our work, and let us know you want us to keep’em coming! See below for details.


Ireland, The Celtic Way
Stream on Kanopy
DVD – $9.99 +s/h USA Only

tip jarWhat Green Can Be

What Green Can Be
Stream on Kanopy


Voices Home, Multilingual Lord’s Prayer – DVD
$9.99 +s/h USA Only



Music is food for the soul, and our offerings are meant to comfort, soothe and encourage. There’s Love is Here, the debut album from the band Commodore Callahan, with songs that speak to the spiritual side of the listener, and good, solid and grounding music that resonates in the soul. Our first Rejuve album is available for free download, now that our much-anticipated second-album is available. This second album features ambient guitar, clarinet and electronica played in a soft and mellow style, with soothing singing bowls and bells. For children, there is the Pastor Fish radio hour, a gentle offering useful in Sunday School settings, now in Spanish, too! Also, coming soon, the much anticipated musical soundtrack from our award-winning film, Ireland, The Celtic Way!

Love is Here – Commodore Callahan
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PastorFish Radio Hour (English Audio CD)
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rejuvecoverRejuve-II – More Gentle Music for Relaxation
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PastorFish Radio Hour (Spanish Audio CD)
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Original “Rejuve” feat. Tammy Hall

Buy it at Bandcamp or download free at

dvd-itcwCOMING SOON: Ireland, The Celtic Way (soundtrack)
Expected Release, Spring, 2018!

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Other products with which we have been involved are available from others. These include:

  • Aaron Rosand, Live at Mills College (a film by Lauren Speeth) – available through various online retailers
  • Jeremy Cohen & Friends Celebrate Joe Venuti (a film by Lauren Speeth) – also available through online retailers.

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