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Tammy Hall Jazz Pianist

A versatile San Francisco Bay Area pianist, organist, composer, and arranger, Tammy Lynne Hall is equally at home with Brasilian, Classical or Jazz.


We designed Ms. Hall’s website, which was live through 2009, with a piano motif and a hidden easter egg: clicking on the image of Ms. Hall’s fingers revealed a video of Ms. Hall (or rather, her hands) playing jazz. In addition to developing the website, we collaborated with Ms. Hall on various CDs including Live at Mills Hall (2002, out of print), Blue Divine (2006, CD details), and Rejuve (2007, CD details), and the concert DVD / imagery experience Tammy Hall: Reflections (DVD details).

Ms. Hall’s live radio performances of originals from Blue Divine (and one track, Current, from Rejuve) have been featured on Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz on NPR [interview details]. More recently, Ms. Hall’s original performances have also been featured on Miracle In A Box, which has been screened around the San Francisco Bay Area at music-related fundraising events, and first aired in May, 2011 PBS [film details].