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Thread for Pearls Promo – Now 2D and Stereoscopic

This project is a promotional video for Thread for Pearls, A Story of Resilient Hope. The book, a creative work of fiction by award-winning storyteller Lauren Speeth, is available now at online vendors. The promotional video reflects what the book conveys: the feeling of the times. It does so by interweaving vintage protest footage from our archives, shot by the late Christopher Speeth, with 3-D CGI animations of the first order, including pearls and barbed wire… even a lava lamp.  The all-original background music is appropriate to the times, and was purpose-written for this project.  

The metaphor implied in the book’s title – an event as a pearl and the context we choose for it as the color of the thread – is illustrated on book’s cover art, with the pearls and a faded string of barbed wire.  The narration is as follows:

“Set during one of the most politically divisive eras in American history, Thread for Pearls is a coming-of-age tale that takes us one child’s journey to faith and freedom amidst a turbulent family dynamic. It’s the ‘60s and ‘70s in stereoscopic focus, a story of resilient hope that questions whether it’s the events of our lives that define us or the thread on which we choose to string them.”

Translating this concept in 3-D was no simple task. Though the promo is only 44 seconds long, we feel it’s easy to discern the meticulous care that was taken, and the time that was lavished on polishing this little pearl we are now submitting for review. 


  • CGI pearls and barbed wire
  • 3-D vintage lava lamp visual
  • Historic vintage protest footage (courtesy the estate of Christopher Speeth)
  • Historic NASA lunar landing footage
  • Stock footage (concert)
  • Our new, beautiful animated logo
  • Original “vintage feel” backing track

The Team

  • Writer/Director/Producer: Lauren Speeth.
  • Editing & Stereoscopic Motion Graphics: Tim Schaller.
  • Narrator: Janice Rivera.
  • Original score and performance: Josh Workman.

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