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The Healer’s Path Class

Working in partnership with Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, and Union University International, our NHM Ministrants division is creating the online course in The Healer’s Path, with over five hours of all-original online video-based content, video notes, a textbook, and supplementary materials.

communicator_award_NHMhealerpath_webinardistinctioncommunicator_award_NHMhealerpath_onlinevideodistinctionThis class has been honored by the 21st Annual Communicator Awards, as a recipient of “Award of Distinction” for Online Video and Webinar. [press release].

The class focuses on Healer’s Path models and methods, the roots of the field, active harm prevention, communication, creation care, and the minister as healer.    This class is meant as a transformative experience, and includes daily contemplative practice and journaling.

The class will provide a viable framework for dialogue, in the spirit of humble service, while advancing this evolving area within ministry. Developed in the conviction that together we are stronger, and “all who are called, are called to be healers,”  the course will be presented in a friendly, kinship manner; all participants will be welcomed. Whoever you are, whatever your background, and wherever you are in your faith journey, as long as you desire to understand and grow along a healer’s path, and pledge to be courteous and respectful to your fellow classmates during any group activities, the intent is to welcome you. And, although the instructor does rely heavily on Biblical texts, all quotations are clearly cited. Students at levels should feel at ease, even members of the healing arts professions who may have had to focus almost exclusively on scientific training.  Students will experience over five hours of original video content. In addition, this immersive, experiential course will include:  contemplative, prayerful practice, feedback, self-growth and self-assessment exercises, journaling, required reading, and supplementary media. This class draws from a rich diversity of approaches within the fields of religious studies, applied ministry and chaplaincy, social entrepreneurship, biomedical ethics, and various subfields in psychology. The goal of this course is threefold:

  1. To provide students with grounding in the current state of the art of applied ministry in the 21st century. This course will not tell students what to think. It will equip students with tools for thinking about and actively engaging with the many thorny issues that they will face, on the healer’s path.
  2. To help students internalize a kinship model for active harm prevention.
  3. As an exploration tool. The course extends an invitation, and opens the door to a new, joyful path for life.


For additional details and registration information, visit the detail page at NHM Ministrants.