About us

Welcome to Elfenworks Productions LLC.

Elfenworks Productions is an inspired multimedia production company specializing in educational storytelling with a pro-social vision. To learn more about our creative vision, visit here.

Our Philosophy

From eco-green to Celtic green, from yesterday's heroes to tomorrow's change-makers, we choose subjects that will teach and inspire. We go beyond film, music and the printed page to embrace the new tools of the 21st century.

More about us...


From a quick jingle to a film score, our composers, vocalists, musicians, voice-over artists, and audio engineers craft just the right music or soundscape to ignite the imagination, aid relaxation, or generate empathy on the quick.


Motion picture production is storytelling in another form. Our 3-D feature on Celtic spirituality in Ireland, and our documentaries exploring hope and environmentalism are only three examples of our growing body of work.


We are a small, independent publisher of books with worldwide reach and purpose. Our publishing focus is aligned with our philosophy: books that empower, heal, or create positive value.


Our endeavors are geared to uplift, and some of these efforts fall outside of the "books-films-music" frame, such as Woven Pathwayssm and NHM Ministrantssm efforts, Public Service Announcements, & educational offerings.

Elfenworks Productions LLC, Beyond Film & Music