The Community focused work of Elfenworks Productions LLC is to bring our management expertise to our clients, both in a classroom setting, and in consultation, one-on-one. Historically, this has primarily involved training clients in the use of technology and best practices for securing and maintaining their web resources. Below, you see an example of a small training event, offered for students of the Mills College of California Graduate School of Business, as part of a "Business of Being an Artist" class. This class was a pure joy for the team, as the roots of Elfenworks Productions stretch back our earliest days as a small webdesign consultancy geared towards the music community and our clients included musicians, orchestras, record labels, and record stores. Fast forward to today, and we offer online training modules, to reach the wider community of which we feel a part. But community works both ways. We have seen folks join together from far and wide in a spirit of kinship and community, helping us with two multi-language projects that are ongoing. We've had people write us from as far away as South America, Africa, and Pakistan, with offers to lend their voices. Are you interested to join in as well? Then click here... and thank you!

Supporting the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofits support our whole community, which is why we support The Elfenworks Foundation in their efforts to support the nonprofit sector. IHHawardsIn an effort to shore up nonprofit IT security in the sector as a whole, we have been supporting – The Elfenworks Center for Nonprofit Information Security Collaboration.

ECNISC arose from a conscious decision by The Elfenworks Foundation to make a vigorous, determined attempt to provide a helping hand for the 501.c.3 nonprofit sector as a whole. The Elfenworks Foundation maintains the website's content. Elfenworks Productions, LLC developed and maintains the underlying website and self-assessment tool at its heart. For project details see Below is a PSA we produced, introducing and helping to explain The Elfenworks Foundation:

Media for The Elfenworks Foundation

We have created PSAs for the Foundation and manage technology aspects when required. For example, for the ten years during which The Elfenworks Foundation's In Harmony With Hopesm awards event was ongoing, we handled all media aspects, including audio engineering, lighting, and filming, as well as post-production, for a highlights reel. The wonderful social entrepreneurs that were honored at these events are highlighted in our 2018 film, Exploring Hope for Better Times.

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