About Us

Inspired Multimedia Production


Welcome! We are an inspired, award-winning multimedia production company with a creative, pro-social vision. We are not constrained by artificial boundaries in storytelling. Our portfolio of completed work includes films, music releases, books, educational apps, online lessons, on-site training, websites, logos, PSAs, podcasts, and more.

Our creative, professional, multilingual and tech-savvy team puts the creative spark at the service of the greater good. We go beyond the "creative" aspect of storytelling, by empowering others. To that end, we have partnered with:

  • Educators & Students
  • Industry Professionals
  • Nonprofits with Vision
  • Responsible Business Leaders

Whether soothing and nourishing the senses, exploring important untold stories, fostering learning, rekindling hope, igniting environmentalism or helping redefine the landscape of possibilities, we bring expertise, integrity, intelligence, and insight sm to our every effort, be it a film, song, app, animation, or whatever's next. From eco-green to Celtic green, from yesterday's heroes to tomorrow's change-makers, we're going "beyond film and music," one good story at a time.

Our Philosophy

Every business has a goal, and ours is to spread a new message of hope through educational materials, going beyond film, music and the printed page to embrace the new tools of the 21st century.

Our motto - bringing light to what is right sm - means that all of our projects and products meet a simple criterion: they must shed light in a way that is uplifting. So, we choose subjects that teach and inspire. We do this using many modes of storytelling, going beyond film, music and the printed page. Regardless of the particulars, the positive intent is always the unifying thread.

We very much appreciate your patronage and your partnership. Together we are... bringing light to what is right sm.

What people are saying!

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