Our In-House Musicians: Commodore Callahan

An in-house band featuring key players supplemented by guest artists as needed, Commodore Callahan is a group whose conscience and heart comes through in every song. The band specializes in songs about love and hope, but also takes on tough issues, all in a wide range of styles.

The band's musical efforts have been described as "everything from soul to Brazilian jazz – perfectly lovely."

The band's debut album, Love is Here, was released at a fundraiser for San Francisco Boys Hope Girls Hope. One cut from the album was featured at a local More than Bluegrass fundraiser for two years running. Another, "Resurrection," was used in a fundraising telethon by Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment and was an Official Selection at the Awareness Film Festival, where it garnered an Honorable Mention.

Selected Playlist

Raves & Reviews

"From the moment our event began, Josh Workman set the tone with his soft, jazzy guitar rhythms. He later was joined by rest of Commodore Callahan's musicians, Don Kane on the bass, Ross Gualco on piano and John Watkins on bass while Don slipped in a Clarinet solo. They were joined by vocalist Lauren Speeth with her quiet-but-confident and sultry Brazilian style blended with Alison Lewis whose vocal dynamism and sculpted tones balanced out the act. Outstanding harmonies and marvelous lyrics bringing warmth and hope to us all!"

– Suzanne Fowler Palmer, Exec. Director, Boys Hope Girls Hope S.F. Bay Area

"The true magic of music is when it unifies several emotions and spirits into a perfect harmony, with words that capture a moment, feeling and emotion all at once. Garden in My Soul did that beautifully, and used that magic to musically memorialize the essence of what Boys Hope Girls Hope is all about."

– Paul Minorini, Esq., International President of Boys Hope Girls Hope

"The music of Commodore Callahan set the tone for our Growing Hope Graduation Gala… thoughtful, deliberate and fun! A spectacular group of professionals to work with. So many of our guests commented on the synergistic message of the lyrics and our message as a nonprofit agency."

– Suzanne Fowler Palmer, Exec. Director, Boys Hope Girls Hope S.F. Bay Area

"If there's one thing that can light up the faces of a group of poverty law veterans and pioneers-to-be, it's singing along to "Such a Crime," with Commodore Callahan, the band of Lauren Speeth, the polymath philanthropist, scholar and activist."

– Dru Ramey, Esq., Dean of Golden Gate University School of Law (regarding the performance at the Golden Gate/SALT National Poverty Law Conference)

"Speeth, Kane and Workman bring powerful combined musical presence to awareness-raising. The impressive versatility and soulfulness of their delightful set provided the splendid ambiance to a wonderful event."

– Kenneth Tam, Executive Director, The Elfenworks Foundation (event: ElfenWinterParty)

"Many thanks to Lauren Speeth and Commodore Callahan who joined with us at our recent Church benefit concert here in Burlingame California. The music was both joyful and inspirational and was delivered with professionalism and graciousness. With a style all their own, Commodore Callahan's music demonstrated both depth and accessibility. The ease with which they delivered their original songs belied the sophistication present in their music. We are very grateful indeed to Lauren and the band for their help and generosity of time and spirit. Cheers and blessings to all in Commodore Callahan in the continuance of your good work."

– Kevin Morgenstern, Burlingame United Methodist Church