Our Awareness-Raising Musicians: Commodore Callahan

Featuring in-house players supplemented by guest artists, Commodore Callahan is a group whose conscience and heart comes through in every song.

Here for your consideration is "In Canada (No One's Poor)," a video from the band's Love is Here album. It tells the true story of a person who'd experienced poverty in Canada but hadn't been believed... by a fellow Canadian:

The album Love is Here was released at a fundraiser for San Francisco Boys Hope Girls Hope, and one track was featured at a local More than Bluegrass fundraiser for two years running. Another track, "Resurrection," was used in a fundraising telethon by Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment and garnered an Official Selection and Honorable Mention from the Awareness Film Festival. Here for your consideration is another cut from the album, "Resurrection," sung and presented in two ways:

Father Young Version

Praise Dance Version

And here are links to other tracks from the album Love is Here:

Love is Here Liner Notes

Liner Notes - Original
Liner Notes - Printer Friendly

Rough Justice

And finally, a video honoring Mrs. Rosalynn Carter's advocacy for mental health, highlighting one particular concern within that space:

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