eMinistry: Virtual Pathways for Spiritual Leadership

Being internet savvy is essential for spiritual leaders in today's web-centered world, and Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth's eMinistry - Virtual Pathways for Spiritual Leadership: Taking Evangelism into the Cyber Frontier serves as a guide for ministers looking to learn how to effectively communicate and expand their ministry online.

A growing number of people on the internet, people who increasingly turn to the web as a source of knowledge and information. More and more, ministers are recognizing the need to respond. Now, with our new offering, geared towards ministers, help is on the way! Written by a lifetime computer programmer and specialist in eMinistry, this book uses real-life examples from eMinistry websites to concisely detail:

  • How to craft a message that works for you and for others.
  • Messages: what works, what doesn't, and why.
  • Social media – building bridges and growing your ministry.
  • The basics of creating an effective website.
  • Learn the language of color, font, symbol and imagery.

Whether you are interested in exploring the topic or expanding or refining your reach, this book can help.