The Healer's Path Class

We are pleased to offer the e-class Journey Along The Healers' Pathsm - Discovering and Nurturing Your Inner Healer - through the worldwide learning platform as of August 1, 2019.  

Helpful to anyone interested in growing their healing presence! You'll learn methodologies, get to know role models, explore your inner landscape, delve into creation care, hone your communication skills, and so much more! You'll ask deep questions, discover new approaches to problems, practice contemplation and journaling, wrestle with sacred texts, seek feedback, and gain key insights from boots-on-the-ground practitioners. Optional quizzes help underscore and reinforce what you have learned, and the short-yet-useful explainer pages will round out the experience.

Recognizing that students from medical backgrounds may be less familiar with Christian theological language, and those from theological circles may be unfamiliar with some of the non-theological references, we took care to create an easy on-ramp to learning. All you need to bring with you on this journey is an open heart and open mind.

Honored by the 21st Annual Communicator Awards with Awards of Distinction both as an Online Video and Webinar.