Ireland, the Celtic Way

Discover the World of Celtic Spirituality - a high-tech adventure through time... Soundtrack coming soon!

Nearly three years in the making, Ireland The Celtic Way is a cinematically rich exploration of the land and legends of the emerald isle: Éire Land. Join filmmaker Lauren Speeth, who traces her Celtic roots, discovering surprising indo-European origins, a brave history of warfare, a vivid imagination, and a deep spirituality that still has much to teach us. Elves, fairies, and the role of imagination and spirituality are explored as a key to survival in this beautiful, yet sometimes harsh, terrain. The film opens with crashing waves on rocks in foggy mists. Ireland is presented in all her beauty – Carrowmore, Knock, Newgrange, Holy Wells and more. Historic megalithic sites come to life, in vivid CGI animation. Viewers are treated to wide-ranging perspectives, including: Br. Ronald Gallagher, of Saint Mary's College; local Irish workers; storyteller Padraig Meehan; Brigid scholar Fr Seán Ó Duinn; singer and theologian Nóirín Ní Riain; and Fr. Peter McVerry, whose Irish sense of interconnectedness informs his work with Dublin's homeless teens. This film is meant as a transformative experience; viewers take from this film not only a greater appreciation for the historic Celts, but a different way of looking at the world, as well.

Highlights Include:

  • Mystical Places: Holy Wells, Rag Trees, Tara, Newgrange, Carrowmore, Glenstal Abbey, Knock…
  • Sacred Symbols: Standing Stones, Cairns, Spirals and Knots, Claddagh, Celtic Cross, eternal fire…
  • Gods and Goddesses, Saints and Druids, Elves and Shining Ones, Spirit folk…
  • Legendary myths and songs as old as the hills and as fresh and green as clover!

Winner of LA 3D-FILM FEST Best 3D Documentary!  

We will never forget the first time we saw our film, larger than life, in RealD at the 3DFF in Los Angeles, during 3D Week in America.  The screening took place Saturday September 21st 2013 at the Regal Cinemas LA Downtown.  Josh Workman (score, instrumentals), Tim Schaller (cinematography, editing, animation) and Lauren Speeth (producer/director/writer/narrator)  were all in attendance, as were several other members of friends and family.  We enjoyed a brief Q&A with the audience, and then were absolutely thrilled when we learned of our win. On behalf of the entire team at Elfenworks Productions, LLC – THANK YOU 3DFF!

Across the Board Wins at Christian Online Film Fest

We're honored and delighted to announce that our timeless tale of Irish Spirituality has received the double honor of being selected for both the Christian Film Festival in Newport News, VA, and the Christian Online Film Festival, where it received multiple awards:

  • Best Educational Film, Best Documentary, Best Producer (Lauren Speeth) 
  • Best Cinematography (Tim Schaller, Donal Murphy)
  • Best Artwork (Mike Dalling, Kelly Madsen, Tim Boxell, Kale Barker)
  • Inspire Award (Elyssa Davalos, Ronald Galagher, Peter McVerry, Nóirín Ní Riain, Seán Ó Duinn, Christopher Speeth)

These joint festivals showcase Christian movies, music videos, cartoons, documentaries, educational films, and scripts, and recognize the people who made them happen. We are so grateful and overjoyed. Thank you so very, very much!

Screening History

The wonderful 3-D film festival screening we received at Los Angeles' prestigious LA 3-D Film Festival  was unforgettable for us, especially as it afforded us a win: Best 3D documentary. We held our special East Bay premiere at St. Mary's College of California at the invitation of the former President of SMC, Br. President Ronald Gallagher FSC PhD, who appears in the film [read more]. We were well received at the  United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco (10/27/13 3:00 p.m. [flyer]). We celebrated St. Patrick's day with a special screening at Burlingame United Methodist Church [3/14/14].  A traditional Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage was followed with the film, a brief Q&A with the film's director and crew, and an Irish benediction in song, courtesy Hailey Morgenstern of the Healing Stream band.  The film was subsequently aired on Marin TV, November 26th and December 1st (Comcast 26 or ATT 99), and because of positive feedback, Marin TV aired the film again on December 12th at 5:00.  

Audience Raves

  • "Beautiful film that tells some great stories of Irish folklore."
  • "Learn things you won't easily find in books."
  • "A broad film covering a lot of interesting facts about Celtic history."
  • "Charming interviews. Liked the animation, well done and well placed."

A Word from the Director

In exploring Ireland, I asked, "what can we learn from this ancient Eire Land, that is useful to us today? Tracing my Celtic roots back to its origins and looking at the brave history of the Celtic people who've survived so much, I convey through my film how the Celtic imagination has been so useful to the Irish, who've survived almost unimaginable trials. 

It's my tradition, in my narrated films, to equip, encourage, and inspire engagement in the world. This film is in keeping. As viewers learn the tail of Fionn MacCumhail and the sacred salmon of knowledge, they see how it is possible, even today, to be a wisdom keeper. My hope is that viewers will experience it as transformative, gaining not just a greater understanding of history, but a different way of looking at the world, as well. In the end, the viewer is invited to take up the never-ending flame, and keep the ancient wisdom alive, today.

Film Team

Written, produced and directed by Lauren Speeth. Cinematography, editing, and CGI graphics by Tim Schaller. Illustrations by Kale Barker, Tim Boxell, Mike Dalling, and Kelly Madsen. Stereo Photographs: Donal Murphy. Score and original music: Josh Workman. Technical consultants: Elyssa Davalos, Christopher Speeth. For full credits, see film ending.  Copyright © 2013 Elfenworks Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Grateful Thanks To:

  • Office of Public Works, Ireland
  • Knock Shrine, County Mayo, Ireland.
  • The Clarence Hotel, Dublin
  • Feather River Fish Hatchery
  • California Department of Fish and Game
  • Royal Irish Academy, Dublin (Ancient Irish Folios: Ogham / Book of Invasions)
  • Saint Mary's College of California
  • 3D Film Festival, Christian Film Festival, & Christian Online Film Festival

Until we see you again, Dia Dhuit (God be with you).