An Evening with Father John Dear

This new documentary captures an evening with Father John Dear, one of today's leading theologians on peace and nonviolence.

Be inspired and become emboldened in your nonviolent efforts for creation care as you drink in words of wisdom, from Father John's book tour for the book They Will Inherit the Earth; Peace and Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change. In an eloquent, impassioned plea for the planet, Father John delves into the connection between nonviolence and creation care and makes a compelling case for how and why we can all make a difference, starting today.

Film Team

Produced, directed, and introduced by Lauren Speeth.  Assistant Director, Kelly Madsen Shaw. Editor - Janice Rivera; Art Director - Mike Dalling; Master Sound Engineer - John Watkins; Cinematographer - Robyn Hill. For full credits, see film ending. Copyright © 2018 Elfenworks Productions, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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Here are some memorable moments:

We Are Not Powerless
25 sec
3 Attributes of Nonviolence
1 min 37 sec
Concrete Action Steps
2 min 6 sec
Everyone is Needed
1 min 18 sec
Defining Hope
2 min 23 sec
Being People of Nonviolence
1 min 58 sec
The Dove
3 min 15 sec

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