Ribbons & Bows ~ American Women in Violin History Podcast

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A girl, play violin? Not too long ago, it just wasn't done. These women did it. Then, they disappeared.

This new podcast series - Ribbons & Bows ~ American Women in Violin History - takes a trip down memory lane, to meet the early pioneering women and fair minded men who helped shape today's robust violin scene.  So, why is there so little about these women in the history books? Could they really be lost in the mists of time? Can we somehow revive them, to listen to their stories?  What might those stories teach us about perseverance,  vision, and hope?  Our new podcast seeks to answer these very questions!  

We share the stories of dozens of pioneering American women braved the violin scene, changing the landscape for those who followed in this podcast series, with an accompanying downloadable CD release. You'll love these brave and beautiful souls, and you'll feel what it was like for them when little girls were not encouraged to play violin.  After all, who among us hasn't felt like the odd one out, the person interested in trying something different, in going where they didn't exactly fit in?

Launched With a Benefit on June 10, 2018

We celebrated the launch of the podcast itself and women musicians as well, at the Community Women's Orchestra Soiree on June 10th!

Guests enjoyed chamber music performances drawn from classical French repertoire and performed by members and friends of Community Women's Orchestra, an auction including a chance to win a trip to the South of France, and delicious French hors d'oeuvres and sweets.

Ribbons & Bows... a podcast that's coming to you now from Elfenworks Productions, LLC.