Trailers pique interest in a film... here are a few we have created over the years.

Thread for Pearls

Power of Water

Elfenworks Productions provided footage and audio editing for the film, and has been awarded Best Documentary at the Indie Online Film Award and Best Short Film on Environment and Sustainability at the One Earth Awards. It was a winner in both the nature and educational categories at the White Unicorn International Film Festival, was a Finalist at the Ocean Beach Film Festival, and was a Semi-Finalist at the Asian Rivers Film Festival. It also garnered Official Selections at the Sustainable Stories and Brussels Capital Film Festivals. For a complete list of awards for this, and other award-winning work, please visit our recognition page.

The Power of Environment

A film by The National Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Student Youth of The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with thanks to Elfenworks Productions LLC. Lauren Speeth, Assistant Director. John Watkins, editing and mastering. Tim Azzaria, cinematography (USA). Save the planet. Help the environment. Respect nature. Children's questions catalyze discussion, as educators and naturalists explore consumerism, resource extraction, the consequences of pollution, and the immediacy of the need for action. Information-filled but upbeat, this film touches the heart while including actionable ideas. Together, we can make a difference. Ukrainian and English. For a complete list of awards for this, and other award-winning work, please visit our recognition page.


"Grow" is a music video featuring violin, piano and percussion. The original composition, by pianist Tammy Hall, was written as one of the tracks for "Rejuve II," a CD with a soothing intent, especially suitable for those with health challenges. The album was recorded at Fantasy Studios in 2006 but the footage was never before released. The footage was unearthed and edited together at the start of the U.S. Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns in 2020 when it seemed fitting to revisit this healing/soothing project in an effort to spread some hope and healing in challenging times.

Ireland the Celtic Way

What Green Can Be

Exploring Hope for Better Times